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02-04-2014Life in the Tasty Titbits’ Kitchen

Supporting local enterprises, appreciating British produce and encouraging others to get dirty in their kitchens is a passion of Tasty Titbits. So here is a little sneak peak into the Tasty Titbits kitchen. A few Sundays back, in traditional Caribbean style, my parents invited my Uncle Johnny and his family to dinner. Sunday dinners are [...]

25-03-2014Steamy weekend in Bath

Jim and I don’t get away much because it’s not that easy leaving teenagers and a miniature dachshund to their own devices. Haunted by headlines ‘Running tap creates third Herne Hill flood’, ‘Terraced house collapses under weight of Facebook rave’ and ‘Sausage dog runs amuck in suburbia’ we trundled off to the station, destination Bath to ‘take the [...]

18-03-2014Brewing up a storm

Tasty Titbits has been out and about eating and baking cakes of all sorts over winter. Now spring has officially arrived it’s time to kick back, enjoy the sunshine, appreciate the blossoming flowers and enjoy some tasting of the liquid kind. What better way to feed our thirst, but to visit some local East London [...]

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