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Rakes by Gillhams Gravel Rake

£ 108.00Includes VAT

Gravel is the most attractive finish for driveways, paths, car parks and stable yards but it is also problematic to keep in order without hours spent raking and weed killing. A task that was once onerous and time consuming has become a pleasure and our customers are not just satisfied but overjoyed! No more weeding, hand raking or moss killing but just a perfect gravel surface whenever two minutes allows. The Gillhams Gravel Rake is 1.5 m wide, 

1.5 m. All of the components are sourced here in the UK and each rake is hand finished. Each rake is designed with two extra sets of tines so should you start to wear out the first line please simply clip above the next horizontal bar and you have a fresh set of sharp tines
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