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Raw Pendant Lamp by Full Grown Ltd

We are now taking commissions for our Second Edition Small Raw Pendant lamps. The availability of these lamps is extremely limited, with only ten being released each year. They are our fastest growing design so far, and we expect there to be approximately three years from order to delivery. They are available as either a Spiral (£450), or Geometric (£750). The illustration shows our Spiral design. The final appearance of these lamps will vary in colour. Due to the individual way Willow reacts when drying, they can be anything from green to purple.
All our Raw Spiral Pendant Lamps are grown in Willow and will have their bark left on, which will be oiled and polished. They will be approximately 40cm at their highest point, and 40cm at their widest. They are available to commission in Square, Pentagon, or Hexagon, ie 4, 5, or 6 shoot spirals.
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