20 for £20 – Sustainable Christmas gifts made in the UK

Searching for gifts can be time consuming and complicated. We know all about it.

Too hot, too cold. Too big, too little. Too hard, too soft. No wait, that’s Goldilocks and the three bears.

Still, we know that you will spend hours looking for gifts to fit your budget, and so we’ve made it easy for you with these 20 sustainable christmas gift ideas for under £20.


1. Almost Edible, Noël candle, £13.50.

Inspired by aromas that evoke memories & forgotten feelings. Be transported back to a special time & place by an Almost Edible candle. Just please, restrain yourself from the desire to eat one…

Almost Edible


2. Roelofs & Reubens, Blue angel, £9.

Let this angel watch over your tree. Just keep an eye out so she doesn’t nick the mince pie left out for Santa….

Roelofs & Rubens


3. Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs, Raspberry liqueur, £15.95.

Not too sticky, not too sweet. Enhance a glass of prosecco, add a twist to many a cocktail or a wide range of desserts and sauces. Gluten free and vegan.

Gibson’s Organic Liqueur


4. Denys and Fielding, Serving tray, £15.

Available in four distinct designs, these handy trays are slender enough to sit on the window sill, enabling plants and flowers to bloom in safety when you’re not using them to serve up sandwiches, drinks and nibbles.

Denys and Fielding


5. Green & Blue, Small Bee Block, £18.75.

A neat way to provide habitat for pollinators that looks stunning placed anywhere in the garden. Mix and match with 3 different sizes!

Green & Blue



6. Fine Cell Work, Marilyn Monroe shoe bag, £19.95.

A girl can never have too many shoes. Shoes that are cared for eventually become vintage. Vintage shoes are cool.

Fine Cell Work


7. Bio Bean, Coffee logs, £7.99.

Heat your home with coffee. Okay maybe not LITERALLY coffee, but BioBean have managed to turn waste coffee grounds into a sustainable type of fuel. Our favourite thing. Really.

Bio Bean


8. Green Oil, Wet Chain Lube, £6.99.

This one’s for the bike enthusiasts. The way to the heart of a cyclist is through their bike. Be good to their bike.

Green Oil


9. Hampson Woods, Large plane spoon, £20.

Stir & swirl those delectable delights with these beautiful wooden spoons. Something for the kitchenistas!

Hampson Woods


10. Derwent Pencils, Academy colouring 24 tin, £18.48.

Tools for the budding artist. Turn their world into 24 shades (or more if you choose to buy a bigger set).



11. Laura’s Loom, Salted wool socks£15.00 – £17.50.

Keep your feet toasty with wool socks. Bonus points if they have a cool name. What’s salted wool? Why, you may have to ask Laura….

Laura’s Loom


12. Seedball, Pick ‘n Mix selection, 18.99.

Love plants? Indecisive? Well, this may be the best decision to spend your time on today. Three tins. So many choices. Ready? GO!



13. Sally Nencini, Mini girl bunny, £20.

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and… whatever your child wishes to name his or her mini bunny.

Sally Nencini


14. Organic Surge, Added Bliss collection, £19.90.

Skin Perfecting Face Polish stimulates smoothes and rehydrates. First Class Face Mask deep-cleanses and nourishes to give skin an instant boost. Happy Skin = Happy you.

Organic Surge


15. KreisDesign, Egg tray – long, £20.

This is egg-zactly what every breakfast lover needs to start their day off just right.

PS. Who tells the best egg jokes?
Answer: Comedi-hens.



16. B. Skincare, Tea tree cream (for men), £7.50.

The Australian Aborigines have been using tea tree oil for centuries, and it’s no wonder too – this marvelous concoction is reputed to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal

B Skincare


17. Hokolo, Coaster and placemat set – Tomatoes, £15.

Do you like tomatoes with your English breakfast? We do. Add some breakfasty fun to your table with this colourful coaster & placemat set. Prefer eggs? Hokolo has those too.



18. HumbleCut, Coasters (Set of 4), £12.

Use these coasters to bring colour and pattern to your tabletop. Matching placemats available.

The Humble Cut


19. Wolfram Lohr, Cable keepers, £15.50.

Do you like to have everything in perfect order? You’ll need these cable keepers. Perfect for head phone cables, USB cables. Feed one end into the slot at the back and fold in. Voila!

Wolfram Lohr


20. Badger’s Velvet, Vintage marmalade pot, £15.

A collectible for your kitchen? Delicious marmalade deserves a special container.

Badger’s Velvet


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