An abundance of love for the planet

This Valentine’s we’ve decided that with the help of our Friends of Blue Patch we’ll be sharing an abundance of love for the planet by investing in renewable energy!

This is super exciting for us because it’s a big part of our mission and vision.

You see, Blue Patch is a social enterprise, funded by our member’s subscriptions and Blue Patch Friends. Every penny that Blue Patch makes supports ethical, local and heritage businesses in the British Isles. With no shareholders to pay dividends to, 100% of our surplus income can support great initiatives – like this one!

Read more about our vision here.

And if you’re wondering what we’ll do with the return on investment – well, it will go back to support even more Blue Patch initiatives.

Win win really, don’t you think?

Our friends – that’s you! – will get to vote on the project they’d like to support, the one with most votes will be our very first renewable investment.

Want to be part of the love?

Become a Friend of Blue Patch by Valentine’s Day and help us select our very first renewable energy investment! The more friends we make, the more investment we can make too!

Share the love, become a friend today for just £10 a year.*

P.S. Friends also get added to the quarterly free prize draw (woop woop!), as well as early bird invitations to pop-up stores, fairs and the annual Blue Patch Awards.

*This is an annual subscription that can be cancelled at any time.