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Positioning your brand in the right context matters.

We take pride in representing outstanding brands from the UK and Ireland, run by people who value their customers and the environment. With Blue Patch’s careful curation your products, services and values stand out from the crowd.

Promote your business

A national social enterprise, Blue Patch shines the spotlight on your sustainable and ethical achievements via our journal, newsletter, social media and The Power of Positive Shopping campaign.

Positive Business blue circular logo, map of the UK and Ireland

And protect the planet

When you join, we give, linking your business with highly impactful sustainable outcomes.

We do this through investing our surplus income into community-owned renewable energy projects. Our Commitment.

Funding community-owned green energy. The story so far…

  • 2019: Brighton Energy Coops’ Solar Schools, England
  • 2020: Low Carbon Hub, Oxfordshire, England
  • 2021: EGNI Co-op, Glamorganshire, Wales
  • 2021: Glasgow Community Energy, Scotland

Money generated from investments fund Blue Patch campaigns to promote green business and protect the environment.

a line of people waiting to visit a wind turbine
Wind turbine by Thrive Renewables

Net Zero – we’re on it!

Membership of Blue Patch reflects your Scope 3 emissions. Hosted on a zero carbon server, run on renewable energy, supporting community-owned green energy….climate change is too big to leave to chance. Blue Patch are hands-on, helping you to tackle emissions. Read our environmental policy.

Blue Patch is designed to help everyone: our members, communities and the environment’

Jane Langley, Founder, Blue Patch

Be part of the story

Membership of Blue Patch is a win-win. Join us and showcase your business in our directory, connect with a community of like-minded professionals and participate in our events as we rise to the challenge of climate change – together!

Do you have a sustainable business?

A spot of Positive Shopping?

Like to be seen in the best places? Check out the Power of Positive Shopping campaign, our ‘touring pop-up’ for museums and public spaces.

We also publish the annual Positive Shopping catalogue, getting your brand directly into the homes of 10,000 ++ customers.

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Member’s Hub

Blue Patch is a lively network where members come together to exhibit, do photo shoots, attend business workshops, Members save money on events and advertising and forge partnerships. Opportunities come via our members’ newsletter and Hub – keeping up to date is easy!

Annual audit

When you renew your membership we automatically audit your microsite, making sure your business is looking great. We also contact you for an update. Our service is personal, placing your business in safe hands. +44 (0)207 738 7267

  • Build your audience

  • Collaborate with members

  • Make an impact

Why join?

man and woman, Caroline Lucas, British politician,Green Party, reading a flod out on Zero Carbin britain, at theCentre for Alternative Technology
Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales

As a Blue Patch member, you become part of a collective of exceptional British and Irish businesses who care about people and planet just as much as they do about making a profit.

  • Be seen alongside high quality, sustainable businesses
  • Highlight your sustainable and ethical values
  • Featuring in our directory, magazine, blog, social media and newsletter
  • Save money on advertising, trade fairs and events
  • Expand business opportunities

Well done Blue Patch for being on the leading edge of the curve and thanks for promoting Laura’s Loom. I have to say of all the groups I’ve joined (and left) over the years, the only group that I feel really cares about my business is Blue Patch. You’re always finding ways to help promote your members in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other marketing group. It makes being a member more than worthwhile, so thanks for that too.

Laura Rosenzweig. Laura’s Loom



Enterprise membership

195 p/y – £0 New Joiner Fee

Foundation membership

120 p/y + £100 New Joiner Fee (once only fee)
Share your story and values
Story & Ethos Yes
Opportunity to feature in our newsletter, blog and social media Yes
List Blue Patch stockists that sell your products Yes
Affiliation logos (T&C apply) Yes Yes
Annual members audit Yes Yes
Business description and (optional) opening times Yes Yes
Video and social media
Add a video about your business Yes
Social media links Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly gallery of 12 images Yes
Hero image and logo Yes Yes
Apply for Blue Patch events Yes
Enter free: Heritage, Sustainable Innovation and Circular Economy Awards Yes Yes
Feature in the Positive Shopping catalogue Yes + £25 discount Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Global Impact Members

We believe international partnerships are essential. Climate change is a one planet issue and we have a lot to give and a lot to learn from each other. If you have a business that is supporting communities, biodiversity and carbon reduction in another country we’d love to hear what you do and welcome you to apply as a Global Impact member! Contact

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