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Blue Patch is the home of sustainable business

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Shoppers have a growing awareness of environmental impact and are actively seeking out products and services that are local, well-made and have sustainable values.

Many amazing businesses are not only creating wonderful things, they are also supporting biodiversity, reducing their emissions and doing all they can to be greener.

If this sounds like you, or if you would like help to get started on your sustainability journey – come and join us at Blue Patch!

We advocate local production, ethical values and brilliant design

lets do net zero
  • Be recognised for your environmental achievements
  • Join our free course LET’S DO NET ZER0 and be part of the UK’s carbon reduction commitment
  • Celebrate your business in our beautifully curated directory
  • Join in with our trade, consumer events and museum collaborations
  • Get social! Our free Social Media Club brings you monthly trending Instagram topics and tips
  • Enter free, the annual Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards
  • Feature in our Positive Shopping catalogue
  • Contribute to The Positive Fund and help tackle climate change

Let’s Protect the Planet!

The Positive Fund – we’re powering-up community-owned renewable energy across the UK

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For every Membership fee we receive we give – 100% of our surplus income (after business costs) back to communities! Since 2019 we’ve funded projects in Brighton, Oxford, Swansea, Glasgow, Bristol and London. As the fund grows so too will our environmental impact – every single membership is helping to tackle climate change and provide clean energy for all! Read more.

Positive Shopping – Blue Patch’s national campaign to showcase our member’s work

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Our publication

Issue 1 of Positive Shopping was delivered to 10,000 homes in London in 2021. Issue 2 will be published in 2022. Promote your business in Positive Shopping by taking advantage of a special discount for members.

Our partners

Blue Patch works with museums, charities and other public-spirited organisations. See where we’ve been, we invite you to join in!

Meet some of our amazing members!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the great people we have as members!

If you already have, or would like to develop a sustainable business, join us today


Enterprise membership

195 p/y – £0 New Joiner Fee

Foundation membership

120 p/y + £100 New Joiner Fee (once only fee)
Share your story and values
Story & Ethos Yes
Opportunity to feature in our newsletter, blog and social media Yes
Affiliation logos Yes Yes
Business description and (optional) opening times Yes Yes
Video and social media
Add a video Yes
Social media Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly gallery of 12 images Yes
Hero image and logo Yes Yes
Free entry to the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards Yes Yes

Angels & Patrons

  • Blue Patch Patrons and Business Angels support the Blue Patch Awards and champion micro-enterprise run by entrepreneurs that deserve a helping hand. Would you like some information? Please contact Margy Newens +44 (0)207 738 7267

Well done Blue Patch for being on the leading edge of the curve and thanks for promoting Laura’s Loom. I have to say of all the groups I’ve joined (and left) over the years, the only group that I feel really cares about my business is Blue Patch. You’re always finding ways to help promote your members in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other marketing group. It makes being a member more than worthwhile, so thanks for that too.

Laura Rosenzweig. Laura’s Loom


Global Impact Members

Climate change is a one planet issue and we have a lot to give and a lot to learn from each other. If you have an international business that is supporting communities, biodiversity and carbon reduction we welcome you to apply as a Global Impact member! Contact

Blue Patch is designed to help everyone: our members, communities and the environment’

Jane Langley, Founder, Blue Patch

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