Awel Aman Tawe & Egni Co-op – Community Renewable Energy Projects in Wales

The only way that the UK is going to be able to meet its net zero targets is by investing in more renewable energy and burning less fossil fuels. Any project that furthers this goal should be encouraged and supported.

Blue Patch is committed to renewable energy, with every penny of our surplus income going into funds for community owned renewable energy projects. One of the projects we have supported is the Awel Aman Tawe & Egni Co-op scheme in Wales.

Awel Aman Tawe is a community energy charity, founded in 1998. They managed a local community consultation on the project and ran a referendum. They then raised funds to build the Mynydd y Gwrhyd wind farm just north of Swansea. The project raised a loan from Triodos Bank and a community share offer.

The two turbine 4.7 MW wind farm was completed ahead of schedule in 2017. The project has since won numerous awards. The wind farm is expected to generate up to 12.4 gigawatt hours, and could provide clean energy to 2,500 homes. Surplus profits are used by Awel Aman Tawe to continue to support local projects.

In addition to their practical construction programmes, Awel Aman Tawe provides an educational programme called Energy Warriors which works with about 40 schools. The project, run in partnership with Energy Sparks, has helped schools reduce their carbon footprint by 20%.

The charity also runs an Arts and Climate Change programme which provides information to and consultation with local communities. The project has worked with over 2,000 people on the impact of climate change and global warming on their lives, and their concerns for the future.

Egni Co-op is a solar photovoltaic co-operative, providing rooftop solar energy for schools, community buildings and businesses in Wales. The co-operative raised funds through a community share offer and from the Development Bank of Wales. They plan to reopen their community share offer in 2023.

Egni Co-op is the largest rooftop solar co-op in the UK at 90 sites and a total capacity of over 4.5 MWp (megawatt peak) of electricity. The scheme has saved organisations over £125,000 in electricity costs last year and 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. The sites range from primary and high schools, community and village halls, to swimming pools and conference centres.

Awel Aman Tawe is also developing a new eco-centre in the upper Aman Valley, called Hwb y Gors. It will become a zero carbon arts, education & enterprise hub for the local community.

If you would like more information on Awel Aman Tawe & the Egni Co-ops, visit their websites:

If you would like to know more about how Blue Patch supports community projects, read about our commitment to renewable energy.

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.