Curing those Blue Monday blues

It has come to my attention that Monday, the 15th of January is Blue Monday.

Incase you didn’t know what Blue Monday was, it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Apparently there’s a mathematical formula behind it with several contributing factors including motivation levels, time since christmas and the weather!

I’ve decided I’m going to reclaim Blue Monday. I figure I’m allowed to since I work for Blue Patch, and our blue is better than any blues belonging to Blue Monday.

1. Blue you.

Little known fact about me – I’m a nail polish addict. While it’s not my go-to makeup item (I CAN NOT leave the house without eyeliner), I own ridiculous amounts of nailpolish.

While I’ve got plenty of mainstream brands, I LOVE finding a good indie maker. Whether you like navy or azure, cobalt or midnight, you could sport some blue polish on those nails.

If nail polish is not your thing, pop on some blue eyeliner, or eyeshadow, or perhaps a blue scarf. Or a blue shirt.

Got blue?

2. Blue food.

Blueberries! Ah one of my favourite foods.

Granted that this time of the year is not the best for blueberries, and that seasonal food is one of my things this year, so no fresh blueberries for me. Blueberry pancakes anyone?

There are also some blueberry chocolate bars out there – I might have to give this one a go.

You don’t really need a reason to eat chocolate, but there are plenty of good reasons to. 

3. Blue skin.

Taking care of yourself is key. I suspect that part of the reason for Blue Monday is that people don’t actually take time out to care for themselves.

Face masks, baths, yoga, a weekend away – try and do what you can!

This award-winning Blue Clay and Indigo Leaf soothing mask by Bloomtown sounds like just the thing for a Blue Monday.

4. Blue creatures.

I find that I’m most likely to get distracted by animal videos. Especially cute puppies or kittens.

My 3 year old niece LOVES anything to do with the ocean, and anything David Attenborough. She identifies him as “One man talking”, which is an apt description from someone who can’t yet pronounce his name.

You could indulge in some Blue Planet II, or another ocean related documentary or series.

I mean.. Those deep sea fish are something else. 

5. Blue Music.

Blues music has its root deep in American black history, having originated in the Mississippi Delta.

Once they made their way out of the delta, variations upon the original emerged, whether it was jazz-blues hybrids or eventually R&B – rhythm and blues. Want to learn more? 

If you want to sample some blues music, click here! Also, if you’re a record collector we’ve got the perfect place  to store records!

John Eadon MIMA Collection, Record Table, £995


If a bit of the blues still linger, why not go out for a coffee with a friend? It’ll get you out of the house and get your blood flowing.

Down the road from us is the brilliant Christopher’s bakery which also makes the BEST bread this side of town. A little further away is the Blue Brick Cafe, which is vegan! If you’re ever in the Dulwich/Herne Hill area, you MUST try them.

Speaking of friendship, you can take your friendship with Blue Patch one step further.

Last year we launched Friends of Blue Patch

For an annual subscription of £10, you can help support the things we do – 100% of our surplus profits will go towards community initiatives, clean energy, conservation efforts and much more!

How do you chase away the blues? Let us know in a tweet!

Want to know more about joining the Blue Patch community? Click here.

Preeti is the Marketing Manager at Blue Patch. Born and raised in India, she spent some time in the US, completing a degree in Psychology and Biology, after which she moved to the UK in 2010 to study an MSc in Finance and Management. She can often be found obsessing over her plants, trying to clamp down on an ever-increasing collection of nail polish or exploring and taking photos of random corners of London. Her favourite colour is not blue, it’s green.