Blue Patch for Trade Professionals

Source from sustainable businesses in the UK and Ireland

Blue Patch’s *Trade membership is a service for those who wish to do business, commission-free, with sustainable small batch manufacturers, creatives, artisans and producers.

Trade members get the benefits of regular membership, including a microsite (listing) and free training.

However Trade members can access normally hidden information about participating brands, including who they work with and how, contact details, prices and wholesale links. The relationship is between buyer and brand, Blue Patch does not charge commission.

Blue Patch will promote success via social media, our newsletter, blog and the Positive Shopping campaign – let us know!

*retailers, buyers, art consultants, interior designers, specifiers, architects, local authorities, museum buyers or curators..

The benefits of Blue Patch membership:

  • Purchase directly, commission-free from Blue Patch members.
  • List your business or organisation in the UK’s Sustainable Directory – ranked No 1 on Google
  • Participate in our business network
  • Support the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Use the Blue Patch 100% for the Planet mark
  • Advertise in Positive Shopping, our sustainable mini-guide that’s growing
  • Enter our Sustainability Awards free
  • Join our Social Media Club for free monthly tips and trends on Instagram

How Trade works

Click the Trade Enquiries button on a participating business’s microsite. Log-in to your account.


Land on the trade area (hidden from non-trade / the public.)

See who they work with and how, contact sales teams, access prices, e-shops and wholesale platforms.

Checking environmental credentials

Environmental and Social Impact reports are available for most businesses.

PR to celebrate partnerships

Should you place an order, Blue Patch will celebrate the partnership across social media and our blog.

Sourcing and meet the suppliers

Team Blue Patch are experts in sourcing. We can arrange ‘speed pitching’ with suppliers too (great fun). If you would like help, please get in touch.

Wish list: coming soon

You can add brands to your wish list. Service is in development, due to launch 2023.


Trade membership for charities

£40 per annum

Trade membership

£140 per annum
Showcase your charity or business
A Blue Patch (Foundation) microsite Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
Free Net Zero training to audit carbon emissions
LET’S DO NET ZER0 free programme Yes Yes
The Power Of Positive Shopping
Commission-free access to prices and sales teams Yes Yes

Here are some of Blue Patch’s POP Up initiatives. If you would like a curated event, please ask!