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In case you have missed some of our newsletters, Blue Patch presents just some of the newest Members to join this Summer – we have a round up from all our Homepage categories such as House, Garden, Wellbeing, Children, Business and Leisure. Sign up for the newsletter.



Handsome bike bags for discerning cyclists: designed for the destination as well as the ride. Created in London by cyclists, these British-made bags are hand crafted in Hackney, East London. The range includes reversible reflective tabs to improve visibility, waterproof covers for protection against the rain and hidden patented pannier clips which attach securely and seamlessly to the bike. This is the Professor Bike bag.


 Conscious Skincare


 Rebecca Martin’s award-winning, organic skincare company is based in West Wales. All their products are manufactured in a Soil Association Approved facility and they are passionate about making truly organic products from a blend of plant based, natural ingredients, fair-trade wherever possible.



TurnPost was launched from a desire to create luxury beds and furniture to fulfil the increasing demand for British design and craftsmanship.

These luxury four poster beds are designed in-house and handcrafted from sustainable solid Ash by a skilled team of carpenters and wood turners who construct the beds using traditional methods.

The Coniston is a fun and feminine wooden bed with a contemporary feel. It is pictured here in Soft White with a lovely, grey cotton upholstered velvet headboard.

Wooden + Woven


Alex Devol hand makes contemporary wooden tableware and utensils using traditional techniques and responsibly sourced British materials. He is interested in allowing the properties of both green wood and seasoned timber to influence the design during the crafting process.

Wolfie + Willow


Handmade in Wales using Vegetable tanned eco leather. Wolfie + Willow moccasins are beautifully crafted soft structured shoes ideal for babies and little adventurers.

 Ethical, stylish and comfortable, they grow more beautiful as the leather patinas naturally through wear.

Wolfram Lohr


This is a family-run business based in the city of Brighton and Hove. Together they produce leather bags, belts, wallets, dashing spats and braces. Each product is created with a passion for quality and strength. The designs draw inspiration from days gone by.

The Nancy bag, can go across the shoulder, can fit an i-pad and a little more. From a lightweight day bag to a night out on the town, this bag is a smart all rounder.

Wildflower Turf


Wildflower Turf is the pioneer and leading supplier of wildflower turf and bio-diverse, species rich products in the UK. Over twenty years they have developed an incredible knowledge base on how to successfully create wildflower landscapes on many different scales, from back gardens and rooftops to acres of meadows. Wildflower Turf is robust and easy to handle, installation is straightforward. The unique ‘soil-less system allows roots to bind together to form a thick mat. This carpet naturally suppresses weed growth and requires very little maintenance.

4160 Tuesdays


The Wall of Scent provides an afternoon of joy, delight and aroma, at which you smell the raw materials which define perfumes, find out how they work together, and smell some fragrance masterpieces from past and present. For perfume novices and more experienced noses. You get to smell anything you like from the 4160 Tuesdays’ perfume collection of vintage and modern fragrances: The Wall of Scent itself.



Ethex brings together on one platform the best positive savings and investment opportunities to make it easy to make money do good.

You can browse, compare and invest in a range of products from bank accounts and ISAs to equity investments and charity bonds that offer a social/environmental as well as a financial return. Through Ethex you can invest and save with businesses you believe in – whether it’s renewable energy, fair trade, social housing, organic farming, or micro-finance schemes – and these positive businesses can then find the investment they need to develop and grow.

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