Business Angels and Stars

See yourself as a business Angel? Angels are inspiring business owners, individuals and companies committed to supporting ethical and sustainable SMEs and nurturing the green economy!

What makes a Star?

Our Business Angels are connected by their desire to step up and get involved with their local community though supporting a Star.

A Star is a new or innovative business or charity that can benefit from Blue Patch digital showcase membership and our hands-on support.

Give your support by funding their Blue Patch membership for just £195. Your patronage will help launch a new product or service, get a green entrepreneur seen online and give them access to opportunities and training via the Blue Patch business network.

Would you like to be a Business Angel?

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Angels help get fledgling British and Irish green brands to market through The Power of Positive Shopping. our touring pop-ups in museums, shop partners and public spaces.

Our very first Angel

Angels and Stars was created based on a suggestion and kind offer by Glasgow store-owner Karen, from Hoos.

She wanted to support her local economy so she offered to pay Blue Patch membership fees for Bare Bones Chocolate, a Glaswegian start up.

Karen Harvey MBE

Owner of Hoos, Glasgow + Blue Patch Angel

Hoos is a design and lifestyle store located in Glasgow’s West End. They stock a unique curation of goods from iconic Nordic design houses to handmade, local wares made here in Scotland and beyond. They feel passionately about simple and functional design that stands the test of time, so each product that you purchase will become part of your personal story. Each product reflects Hoos’ values and individual aesthetic, exceeding in both quality and style.

Bare Bones Chocolate

Lara and Cameron – Blue Patch stars

Bare Bones Chocolate is a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow created by Cameron and Lara. As chocolate and speciality food enthusiasts, they wanted to create our own brand that was built on incredible chocolate with impeccable detail through every process.

Why be an Angel?

  • It’s a great way to support a small business or charity that could benefit from our opportunities and networks.
  • It’s a great way to give back to your local community, particularly if you choose to support a business that comes from your community that fits our criteria.
  • It’s a great way to support the work we do with small businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Feeling Angelic?

If you would like to become an Angel and support a business Star we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to suggest the business you’d like to enrol in the scheme, or we can help you find a business to support.

Gold Angel programme – launches autumn 2021

Want to go that bit further? From autumn 2021 you can become a Gold Angel! This new programme will include gifting membership along with a place on Blue Patch’s training programme.

Becoming a Gold Angel means your support can stretch even further. The primary focus is to match support to hard to reach, diverse SMEs and to work closely with Local Authorities and community groups.

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