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Angels and Stars is a new initiative that connects individuals and companies with start-ups and social enterprises that would benefit from a helping hand. Angels fund the Stars Blue Patch membership, providing them with a digital showcase, access to opportunities such as Positive Shopping, networking and our events.

What makes an Angel?

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Angels are individuals and business owners, connected by their desire to step up and get involved with their local community though supporting a Star. Angels fund Stars Blue Patch Enterprise membership.

What makes a Star?

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A Star is a young brand or social enterprise that will benefit from Blue Patch membership. Blue Patch will help Stars to launch a new product or service, get online and give them access to opportunities and training.

Where did the idea come from? Our Founder Angel, Karen Harvey!

The idea for Angels and Stars was born when Karen Harvey, owner of Glasgow lifestyle store Hoos., offered to sponsor a Blue Patch membership for a local start-up chocolatier.

Karen Harvey, Hoos, Glasgow

Founder Angel!

Hoos is a design and lifestyle store located in Glasgow’s West End. They stock a unique curation of goods from iconic Nordic design houses to handmade, local wares made here in Scotland and beyond. They feel passionately about simple and functional design that stands the test of time, so each product that you purchase will become part of your personal story. Each product reflects Hoos’ values and individual aesthetic, exceeding in both quality and style.

Our very first Star Bare Bones Chocolate is an ethical company with a strong sustainability core. This includes fair wages, a transparent supply chain and a careful consideration of waste materials and packaging.

Bare Bones Chocolate


Bare Bones Chocolate is a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow created by Cameron and Lara. As chocolate and speciality food enthusiasts, they wanted to create their own brand that was built on incredible chocolate with impeccable detail through every process.

After much thought we decided to extend this idea and create a network of individuals and larger companies that want to give another businesses a helping hand. British Recycled Plastics immediately offered!

British Recycled Plastics

Angels no. 2!

Now we’re delighted to announce that our own Silver Patrons, British Recycled Plastics have stepped up to become our second Angels by supporting membership for The Clink Charity.

The Clink Charity

Stars no. 2!

The Clink trains prisoners in skills such as catering and growing food, helping them gain confidence and find suitable work upon release.

Why be an Angel?

  • It’s a great way to support a young business, charity or social enterprise that could benefit from Blue Patch’s opportunities and network.
  • It’s a great way to give back to your local community, particularly if you choose to support a business that comes from your community that fits our criteria.
  • It’s a great way to support the work we do with small businesses in the UK and Ireland.
Feeling Angelic?

If you would like to become an Angel and support a business Star we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to suggest the business you’d like to enrol in the scheme, or we can help you find a business to support.

The Angels & Stars Carbon Reduction Programme : New for 2022

We stand at the foot of a mountain…

COP26 marks the start of the green industrial revolution. The world is moving from fossil fuel to clean energy, the UK committed to be Net Zero by 2050 and Blue Patch to Net Zero by 2030. We also need a safe average global temperature – 1.5 degrees.

Governments, civil society and businesses have a part to play. Large businesses have the resources to work on carbon reduction. SMEs and micro-enterprises want to reduce carbon too, but don’t have the same resources.

We need to help them…

No barriers to being Net Zero!

‘Angels and Stars programme will give ‘hands-on-help’ to small businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and showcase their achievements

Blue Patch’s programme will be inclusive, accessible and tailored to time and resource-poor business owners; our local Stars.

We’ll gather support and expertise from Angels; environmental consultants, educators and local business networks. We’ll help every business we connect with to calculate and reduce carbon and grow customer loyalty.

We’ll help Stars to:

  • calculate, reduce and report their carbon footprints
  • present their carbon-cutting achievements in a professionally curated showcase
  • share information about carbon reduction to their customers

How we’ll deliver the programme

Face-to-face sessions in small groups, learning in ‘easy steps’ to reduce and report carbon-savings. Held in community spaces and fully accessible, the sessions can also be delivered online to ensure no one is excluded.

Windows, Foyers, Offices and Digital Showcases needed!

Stars will present their brands and carbon-cutting achievements in a public showcase. The display will celebrate the talent and diversity of our wonderful local businesses.

We’re seeking Gold Angels to help Blue Patch deliver this free programme!

The Showcase locations really matter, so we’re hoping Gold Angels have ideas! Sessions and the Showcase will be paid for collectively by the Gold Angels, donating £500, matched by Blue Patch.

Would you like information about becoming a Gold Angel? We’d be delighted to help. Please contact Jane Langley or Margy Newens on 02077387267

Blue Patch supports equality, diversity and inclusion.

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