This is the Circular Economy: CE Week 2020

Forget business as usual. 

Right now we’re experiencing a different kind of economy – one that includes clean air and bird song. We’ve been enjoying the simple pleasures of a walk in the park or taking the bike for a spin, baking bread and quality time with the family.

When patterns break, it allows a glimpse of something new and thanks to the pandemic, we’ve discovered a slower, more localised, green economy.

Build Back Better

Post-Covid economic recovery must be within the ecological boundaries of our planet’s resources – let’s embrace the circular economy.

Perfect timing!

Deep dive into the circular economy by registering for the free and fascinating talks and events scheduled for #CEweekLDN from 1st – 5th of June.

The circular economy has been building steadily through the efforts of dedicated organisations such as The Ellen MacArthur Foundation. They provide toolkits, carry out research and support the development of products and services that don’t ever enter landfill or get recycled.

Why? Because they are circular!

Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth author of Doughnut Economics gives a great description of circularity at #CEWeek2019

The other term for circular economy is ‘cradle to cradle’.

We need to make things that can be hired / repaired / dismantled so that materials can be easily extracted for reuse with the minimum of waste and hassle – circularity is fundamentally a design principle.

Blue Patch is a passionate supporter of the circular economy which is why we decided to create an award category especially for it! Entry is free – you’ll be able to share your circular business with our panel of expert judges.

Apply for the Circular Economy Award 2020

Leading London on waste

The London Waste and Recycling Board aka LWARB , is a partnership between the Mayor of London and London boroughs. They work on reducing /reusing the mountain of waste generated in the capital every year.


For businesses embracing circularity

Advance London supports businesses on their journey towards circularity.

12 members of the Blue Patch collective have been through the Advance London programme and developed circular aspects to their businesses as a result. They have built a lively network of businesses, are always approachable and have helped many SMEs to become more sustainable.


Don’t forget to book in to the projects for #CEweekLDN and deep dive into circular thinking 1 – 5 June 2020.