Cleaning up with eco friendly cleaning products

Bio-D were one of the first UK companies to make eco friendly cleaning products, long before the phrase eco friendly became trendy. They’ve published their 5th Sustainability Impact report and they’re leading the way in net zero strategy too. 

In the 1980s the founder of Bio-D had a job cleaning ships and it required him to wear safety gear. He realised that domestic cleaning products used the same chemicals and could potentially be harmful to users. And so he set out to make a range of safe and effective alternatives. 

Nowadays it is quite common to discover that a product used in the home contains harmful substances. We are used to hazardous substance labels warning of eye or skin irritation. But cleaning products result in illnesses, and not just minor aspiratory or skin irritation, serious conditions like cancer. 

Breast Cancer UK says that Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are in cosmetics, beauty products, household cleaners, furnishings and pesticides. They recommend using fewer cleaning products. And checking the labels to make sure they don’t contain synthetic fragrances e.g. phthalates. They have a list of chemicals of concern.  

Eco friendly cleaning products

Bio-D products are an alternative. They are made of natural ingredients – are plant based – and not only designed to be safe for you and your family but for pets, septic tanks and water courses. No greenwashing here. 

They are also the longest standing Vegan Trademark holder. Their products exclude chemicals like glycerine, urea, lanolin and tallow – all animal derived. They also exclude phthalates, phosphates, formaldehyde, bleach and petroleum based additives. The products are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified and recommended by Allergy UK and Ethical Consumer as Best Buys. 

Closed loop recycling of plastic containers

Bio-D run a closed loop system called ‘no brainer containers’. They take back 20 litre containers, rinse them, wash them, steam them, dry them and test them before reusing them. This change alone has saved the carbon dioxide equivalent of 556 trees in 2023, 47% more than the previous year. 

Achieving net zero scope 1 & 2

The Sustainability Impact reporting has highlighted the improvements that Bio-D has managed to achieve over the last five years. It is inspiring to see a small company making a big difference – first with eco friendly cleaning products and now with net zero. 

Bio-D have achieved net zero for scope 1 & 2 within 5 years. That’s an incredible achievement for a small brand. Their CO₂ equivalent per product reduced 25% yoy 21/22 and a further 13% 22/23. 

Alongside other ESG initiatives, they have removed gas from the site in entirety (2021), moved to solar power for the majority of their consumption (on occasional unsunny days they draw from renewable suppliers), and reduced their waste CO₂ equivalent by more than half. 

In addition to reducing business travel by a third, and installing two electric car chargers for staff, Bio-D have installed de-ionisers on site to save on transporting tonnes of water across the UK to go into products. 

By offsetting carbon emissions with a charity project that provides stoves in Uganda, they save black carbon emissions from cooking over wood or charcoal. Black carbon emissions are the second largest contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. 

There is a lot more detail in the full report, which can be downloaded from the Bio-D website

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Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.