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We handmake adventurous perfume

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42A, Raynham Road, England, W6 0HY

We handmake perfume in London W6. We like to create original scents that bring to mind happy times and interesting places, fragrances like The Dark Heart of Old Havana - a stroll along a hot Cuban street, What We Did On Our Holidays - a day at the beach, and Midnight in the Palace Garden - a quiet courtyard under the stars. 4160Tuesdays was founded in 2012 by Sarah McCartney. She wrote a novel about a problem-solving perfumer. When she couldn't find any fragrances for sale that smelled like the ones in her book, Sarah made them herself. We also have an online scent school at https://Scenthusiasm.school for people who want to learn to make their own fragrances with professional materials. We love to share our knowledge and specialise in helping people make their blends smell and behave like actual perfume.

Our products/services

We create perfumes and home fragrances, and run courses (currently online) to help people learn how make and improve their own scents.


Sexy as Hell

5.0 rating
18 January 2021

I have bought The Sexiest Scent in the World twice I love it. It really is the sexiest scent!!!!

Holly S.


5.0 rating
2 November 2020

I came across this at the Blue Patch event in Dulwich. I bought London 1969 and I love it and so does everyone else. It comes beautifully packaged in its own gorgeous tin box. Lovely product.


Divine and delicious

5.0 rating
24 October 2020

The very best perfume. I wear it every day, I’m just not dressed without 4160 Tuesdays! And they have a circular economy refill service which is brilliant!


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