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Pool Road, Pool in Wharfedale, England, LS21 1EG 01423734723

Adam Curtis Online offers a collection of British made, British wool throws, yarns and other soft furnishing that have been designed and developed by ourselves in Yorkshire. With many years in the industry working on products for other brands and designers, ACO is our first online shop that compiles all our best sellers alongside new and upcoming ranges. As a family business, we have a long history of working with wool and we're very proud of the fibre's green credentials. We try and combine the best of traditional British textile production with newer, more efficient techniques, creating products that are woolly-soft, practical and eco-friendly.

Our products/services

100% British Wool Throws, Cushions, Bedding, Knitwear, yarns and more

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Story and ethos

I'm a third generation Woolman so working with wool is second nature to me and shortly after leaving university, I joined the family interiors business, part-time. At the time, we specialised in interior design and bespoke wool carpets but when I eventually took the business over, I expanded into soft accessories and other custom hand knitting yarns where I ended up developing yarns and woven products for a number of different brands and designers. Today, we are still very much a family business and take great pride in creating new ranges of exclusive wool products; from throws and other soft furnishings to knitwear and hand knitting yarns (and of course, bespoke wool carpets).

As a family business who've a shared experience of the British Textile Industry, I am fortunate to always have someone on hand to lend an opinion or man our main office at family HQ. We're proud of our family history and owe a lot to the humble sheep and the lovely wool they produce. Creating something from scratch that you know is fighting 'fast fashion' and good for the environment is very rewarding.

With wool being such an environmentally friendly fibre, I try to compliment this with how/where I develop our products, such as choosing a wool processor who returns zero effluent back into the water system. I’m also a firm believer in supporting British Textiles, even if it means paying more to develop an idea. Part of the challenge is to find a partner or supplier who shares our values which in the end adds to the product's character. My favourite fibre is our Real Shetland Wool that is sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands and directly supports a traditional crofting community.

I am hoping to grow my business further and support more local textile businesses while working with awareness initiatives to try and educate consumers on the benefits of choosing natural fibres. Wool based carpets and clothing have been long forgotten in favour of manmade fibres and I intend on trying to coax consumers back. Wool is a by-product, it would go to waste if not used but with a little creative thought, it can be turned into stunning products that if cared for correctly, could last a lifetime!


Soft and warm

5.0 rating
12 March 2021

The feel of the wool is amazing, a lovely warm comforter in winter.


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