ANGUS ROSS furniture

We transform local trees into exquisite furniture.

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Dunkeld Street, Scotland, PH15 2AQ 01887829857

We transform local trees into exquisite furniture. Angus Ross is a designer, craftsman and woodsman and leads a team of exceptional cabinet makers. Our oak is sourced from our local bluebell wood which we manage sustainably.

Our products/services

We design and make hand made tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves and cabinets. Order from our shop or discuss commissioning.

Hours of business


  • Monday9:00 - 17:00

Story and ethos

Our furniture is hand made in our studio-workshop in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland. This means that at each stage of the process, from selecting timber to the final sanding and oiling, great care and attention are taken to ensure the highest possible levels of beauty, durability and functionality.

We are constantly developing and experimenting with our craft and specialise in steam-bending local sustainable wood.

We source our oak from an ancient woodland that we also manage, a few miles downstream from our workshop, on the banks of the River Tay. Our cool damp weather grows strong warm dark honey coloured timber full of wonderful character. The species is Quercus robur – the native oak of the UK. Be aware that ‘oak’ is a loose term like ‘beef’ and most ‘oak’ furniture available in the UK is not our native species. The oak trees in our wood are well over a hundred years old and were coppiced for their tannin until the First World War. The tannin was used to ‘tan’ leather in the leather industry. The trees are now over-crowded and we carefully select a few trees each year for felling bringing beneficial light into the woodland. We mill these on-site as part of a sustainable woodland management plan. The management is resulting in a wonderful cycle of improvement. We created paths and opened our woodland to other people to walk dogs, run and play. This in turn has reduced the number of deer who were preventing young trees to become established and natural regeneration is occuring. Native trees are essential to our native animals, birds, insects and plants and well managed woodlands are incredibly rich in bio-diversity. They are also beautiful therapeutic places, full of life, for people to enjoy. Scotland has the perfect climate for growing trees but for most of the last century native woodlands have been neglected and softwood plantations producing low quality processed products has been the norm. Being actively involved in our ancient mixed woodland is a great source of inspiration and the small section green wood it provides has driven our use of steam-bending for furniture making.

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