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Hello. We’re Arma Karma, an insurtech (insurance + tech) set on doing things differently. Our mission is to bring some ‘Good’ to the dull and sometimes unethical world of insurance. We believe insurance should be Ethical, Tailored, and Effortless.

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  • Living Wage Foundation
  • Ecologie
  • B Corp

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Story and ethos

Arma Karma use the ecologi carbon offset platform.They have donated to the Karmadillo Forest by planting 2,094 trees amongst other energy saving projects. Their impact to date (2022) represents a saving of 69.13 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to 53 long haul flights (ecologi's long haul flight of choice is London to San Francisco, a distance of 8,619.80 km. Using the UK government’s greenhouse gas report from 2017 This flight emits 0.15119 kg per km of CO2 per person seated in economy class. This means the total flight emissions for one person is 1303.23 kg (1.3 tonnes). OR 171,512 miles driven in a car (The US Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon emissions calculator estimates that 2481 miles (3992.7 km) emits 1 tonne of CO2.).


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