Ava Innes

Natural duvets and pillows like no other. UK made.

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42, Mayne Road, Scotland, IV30 1PB 07907100096
  • Heritage Award Finalist 2022


    Heritage Award Finalist 2022

Founded in 2019 and based in Scotland, Ava Innes is passionate about SLEEP, CASHMERE and SUSTAINABILITY. We offer luxury cashmere duvets, British wool pillows as well as cashmere gifts and accessories, all proudly made in the UK. Our duvets are first-to-market and patent-pending, due to their unique filling of cashmere guard hair and a touch of British wool. Encased in 100% organic cotton, an Ava Innes duvet is not only naturally weighted but also offers the ultimate balance of warmth, weight and breathability as well as helping to keep your temperature regulated, naturally. We strive to help our customers enjoy better sleep, whilst using our natural resources in a circular approach to conserve our environment. Committed to sustainability, our duvets are made using cashmere guard hair, considered a by-product of the cashmere industry, despite making up approximately 70% of the fleece from the cashmere goat. This longer-haired fibre protects the soft undercoat and is usually discarded due to its straight nature that is unsuitable for spinning. At Ava Innes, we recognise the value of its luxurious warmth and naturally weighted comfort, making it ideal for our bedding.

Our products/services

We offer luxury, first-to-market and patent-pending cashmere duvets, British wool pillows as well as cashmere gifts and accessories.


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Story and ethos

Our founder, Joan Johnston, has worked for over 20 years with British and international luxury and has travelled the world, recognising the wastage within the industry. Passionate about UK manufacturing and natural fibres, Joan became aware of cashmere guard hair and the natural benefits of this special fibre that is often ignored by the mainstream textile industry. After extensive research, exploration and development, Joan created the first-to-market Ava Innes duvet, filled with the dream blend of cashmere guard hair, sourced from Afghanistan, blended with a touch of British wool. Most recently, Ava Innes has become an official supporter of The Wool Campaign - a multi-national, cross-industry coalition working together to raise the profile of wool as the natural sustainable fibre for fashion and interiors. Furthermore, the extensive innovation behind the Ava Innes duvet has been recognised globally, within its first year of launch, in being shortlisted for ‘The International Design & Architecture Awards’ under the ‘Fabric’ category.

As a small team, we share a passion for what we do. Our raw cashmere guard hair is bought directly from Afghanistan and shipped, by boat, directly to our family-run manufacturers in Yorkshire, reducing our carbon footprint, often associated with textile products.

Proud to support UK manufacturing, we buy excess cashmere fabric from local mills, extending their life. Our duvets and pillows are made in Yorkshire whilst our cashmere gifts and accessories are all made in Scottish textile mills and hand-finished by our local seamstress, Fiona. We pledge to give 10% of our profits to AfghanAid who support women in Afghanistan. We are driven to make better use of natural resources and offer a sustainable approach. Our cashmere and British wool duvets and pillows not only help you achieve a great night’s sleep surrounded by natural materials, but our duvets and pillows are fully biodegradable at the end of their life. Where possible, we use environmentally friendly and plastic-free packaging and are always looking into this area further.

We believe in a circular economy and consistently seek to find resourceful ways to use and extend the life of our materials and give back to people and the planet. We look to continue expanding our collections to help our customers receive the best possible night’s sleep, as we understand the great influence this has on our daily lives.


Caroon coat

Rated 5.0 out of 5
28 March 2023

Saw the Caroon at the design museum, everyone will want one! Brilliant idea.


divine duvet

Rated 5.0 out of 5
19 October 2021

Probably the most divine duvet I’ve ever slept in.


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