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  • Environment Award Finalists 2022


    Environment Award Finalist 2022

Working diligently since 2005, 10 years later, Bantam managed to pay for the recycling of over a billion bottles in a calendar year for the first time. Since hitting that milestone, Bantam has been above that level every year since. We take great pride in the care, reliability, and quality required to achieve these levels year over year. We are proud of the experience of our team working with developing countries and are keen to share that expertise with you.

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Story and ethos

Bantam is a for profit business aligned with the real world needs of the plastic bottle recycling industry. Environment: We believe in preventing ocean plastic. Social Equity: We believe money for bottle collection gives a reliable income option to poor families. Economy / Industry: We believe this model only works with real world impact when recycled raw materials meet industry quality standards in high volumes.

There are numerous developing countries where Bantam is the largest single buyer of the recycled PET produced in the entire country. Bantam has developed a customised bottle deposit system for non-first-world economies where no formal recycling exists, built from extensive comparative analysis from various existing models. Bantam sends money to suppliers on accelerated terms which keeps payments flowing to bottle collectors on a daily basis providing a type of micro-finance to the recycling community. This needed financial support would otherwise be unavailable or impossible to sustain over the long term for our partners within their own countries. To the bottle collector this means a consistent and reliable option to earn money in places where there are little or no social benefit safety nets to keep families fed and safe. In some cases these collection activities lead to social mobility through small business built on bottle collection. To the factory owner this means avoiding predatory lending practices in developing countries where even standard loans can be charged at 20-40% interest or more. As a result collectors are continuously earning income and plastic is continuously being prevented from entering the ocean, cluttering beaches and streets. This creates a three-pronged result:

Working with our partners, Bantam has developed a cash flow funding programme to promote and increase grassroots bottle collection efforts.

Bantam has engaged with multiple governments at the highest levels to promote the deposit concept and discuss solutions for various recycling issues. One of the only fully REACH Registered companies in Europe working with the developing world on RPET supply.



Rated 5 out of 5
15 April 2023

This is so sensible. To capture the waste and recycle it before it hits the oceans and use it as a circular material. We delighted to have Bantam as members and want to foster circular interventions to form a significant part of the supply chain.


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