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We are a UK charity that champions this uniquely holistic approach to organic farming and gardening, food, and health. Biodynamics is about the complete package. For us, agriculture is a sacred endeavour and the foundation for all our well-being. Our roots are ecological, ethical, social and spiritual. Our aim is to regenerate the health and vitality of our soils, gardens, and land; the integrity of our food; and the health and wholeness of our communities.

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Story and ethos

The Biodynamic Association (BDA) is a charitable organisation founded in 1929 to foster and promote biodynamic farming and gardening in the UK. Biodynamics was first envisioned by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) in a series of lectures given in 1924. Since then biodynamics has spread and continued to develop worldwide. The Association keeps abreast of its developments in science, nutrition, education, health and social reform. It is linked to the Agricultural Section of the School of Spiritual Science (Switzerland) and affiliated as a group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. It is also a full member of Demeter International.

Biodynamics is an international movement, practiced widely in over 50 countries. Currently there are approx 5000 certified biodynamic farms worldwide, though the number of farms, smallholdings, vineyards, gardens and private gardeners practising biodynamic methods is much greater.

Demeter is the brand for products from Biodynamic Agriculture. Only strictly controlled and contractually bound partners are permitted to use the Brand. A comprehensive verification process insures strict compliance with the International Demeter Biodynamic Standards. The holistic Demeter requirements exceed government mandated regulations. Not only do they exclude the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical plant protection agents in agricultural crop production, or artificial additives during processing, but also require very specific measures to strengthen the life processes in soil and foodstuffs. Demeter farmers and processors actively contribute toward the shaping of a future worth living for, creating healthy foods of distinctive tastes, truly "Foods with Character". Demeter - the Brand you can trust in.

Biodynamics is the world's oldest system of organic growing. An inspirational global movement that promotes a uniquely holistic approach to organic agriculture, gardening, food and health. The term 'organic farming' was first invented to describe biodynamic methods. Scientists are discovering that biodynamics is the most effective organic system for carbon storage to tackle climate change (see here) and the best for soil restoration to heal our planet (see here). Our roots are ecological, ethical, social and spiritual. Our aim is to regenerate the health and vitality of our soils; restore the integrity of our food; and promote the health and wholeness of our communities. For us agriculture is a sacred endeavour, and the foundation for all our well-being.


The Biodynamic Gardening Club

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29 September 2020

I recommend joining the biodynamic gardening club, it’s a way to have an informal ‘conversation’ online with people who can share so much knowledge just from doing it. I’m looking forward, one day, to attending a course and ‘digging in’ to how to grow nutritious and tasty food in my own back garden in London. I think food is fundamental to personal and ecological health and wellbeing.


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