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An innovative and sustainable furniture company whose ideas are as big as our personalities. We are one of the only furniture companies in London that makes a wholesale commitment that if you procure through us either an 'up-cycled' or a brand new furniture solution, we will at the end of your requirements take it back. This is an inclusive service that we offer and guarantees landfill is avoided in its entirety.

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Story and ethos

From inception, Cast Furniture has operated as carbon neutral. Appreciating that furniture is responsible for 30% of carbon emissions from a building over its lifecycle (Source: Rype) and more than 3 million pieces of office furniture going to landfill every year (Source: WRAP), we know it is only right that we help lead this step change for our developer/landlord clients. For us all to achieve our aims we must close the loop and become a circular economy and focus on net-zero contributions, in both the fit-out and furniture we provide. As a market innovator we are one of the first furniture companies that pledges to take back your furniture, if you procured it through us, at the end of your need for it. Be it a block date, a surrendered lease or a short term tenancy ending we are committed to a sustainable future.

After taking back your furniture we store and catalogue it within our database and offset any carbon generated in transporting the furniture. We have the supply chain partners to upcycle it into an ‘as good as new’, warrantied piece of furniture from leading brands that can be procured at reduced rates. In addition to upcycling, we offset any residual carbon through Gold Standard approved schemes through our partner Ecologi.

Irrespective of your choice, be it an up-cycled or new furniture solution from our teams, you can be certain of key aspects: An auditable carbon emission calculation and certificate, total avoidance of landfill through various strategies, a 360° design led proposal. In addition to this, for our up-cycled solutions, further benefits can be felt through: massively reduced VOC’s and sustainable/reusable packaging. Many expect up-cycled furniture to look old and for quality to be compromised. This is completely untrue and it is often undistinguishable from brand new. We offer a 2 year warranty on up-cycled furniture as standard with an option to procure an additional 3 years, excluding wear and tear.


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