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Elegant and soft to the touch, these hand-made feather light shades are made to order in our London studio. Flamboyant and organic, Coldharbour Lights use beautiful plumage to bring the natural world into our interior lighting. These easy-fit shades are responsive to the touch or a breeze; they are super-light. No suspension chains are needed. No electrician needed, simply attach the shade to your existing ceiling pendant fitting. Alternatively, we can advise on pendant fitting options. We also offer a bespoke colour-matching service.

Our products/services

I hand make feather light shades to order. Feathers are hand dyed and stitched in Devon. Bespoke options also available.

Story and ethos

Coldharbour Lights' founder, Lottie Davies comes from a background in European theatre. In this feather light shade collection she has taken the flamboyant exuberance of the stage and designed a collection with a maximalist theatricality. This is experiential design in a tactile and sensory form. Our feather chandeliers can interact with their environment and with you, delicately responding to a touch, a breeze or a shaft of sunlight. This is lighting that can give you a stroke or a tickle; characterful, interactive players that will add life to your interior. "As I enjoy putting together incongruous materials, I wanted to use decadent, luxurious textures alongside functional, utilitarian elements. So I found myself combining bicycle wheel rims and ball chain with feathers and crystal in these unique feather light shades. My love of the style and designs of the Art Deco period informs my work and inspires me to create a decadent allure to each piece."

Each feather light shade is individually made to order in our London studio, especially for you. A great deal of love and care has been invested in a Coldharbour Lights feather light shade in the hope that some of it will spill out into your interior, adding a truly soft and organic focal point.



Rated 5 out of 5
30 July 2022

We discovered Coldharbour Lights in Positive Shopping, beautifully decadent,


Fabulous Gloria light shade from Coldharbour Lights

Rated 5 out of 5
4 February 2021

I bought the Gloria shade in blush pink from Coldharbour Lights and I’m absolutely delighted with our purchase. The shade arrived in good time despite what I gather was a busy Christmas period (Coldharbour Lights were happy to deliver for exactly when I needed it for decorating our room), and it came beautifully wrapped – a real joy to open. It was very easy to fit, and I also benefitted from expert advice from Coldharbour Lights on the best pendant and bulb to complement it. It looks fabulous in our new bedroom, a real statement piece. Thank you!

Martin Gaunt

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