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Traditional cloth dolls & workshops(Waldorf dolls)

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London, England

These dolls are handmade from natural materials, they come from a long tradition of cloth dolls (often called Waldorf dolls) found in many different homes and kindergartens. They are made from cotton and stuffed with organic sheep's wool. They have simple embroidered faces on heads that have been formed by binding string around wool. The faces are kept intentionally simple to allow open ended play. I believe dolls should be given to both boys and girls and try to keep some gender neutral for the child to create the character they wish. The doll making workshops have meant that many children will have a doll made especially for them by their caregivers. I am told they often become an important part of their childhood. Most are made by beginners, no experience is necessary, older children are also welcome at the workshops.

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Traditional cloth dolls and doll making workshops


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Story and ethos

I am a maker, teacher and parent. I have always been drawn to handwork and am happy to share my doll making courses with people of different skill levels, ages and backgrounds. I began by making a doll for my daughter then couldn't resist making two more when my sons both asked for one. In my experience both boys and girls can appreciate dolls, especially if they are made for them by someone they love.

As well as making a few dolls to sell I teach Doll Making Workshops in London and Online. Participants are able to choose the hair, eye and skin colour of their doll, they come out in a wide variety of styles! I encourage you to enjoy the creative journey and celebrate the perfectly imperfect handmade. I also offer one to one doll making tutorial sessions. Examples of dolls made at my workshops are shown on my website, made mostly by complete beginner doll makers.

MATERIALS It is important to me to use natural, ethically sourced and local materials as much as possible. I often use hair wool from Garthenor in Wales which is undyed and organic. The clothes are often recycled or waste fabric, I am currently using up bundles of cashmere offcuts from a Scottish wooden mill . Wool will absorb warmth and the smell of home, it will repel damp, is biodegradable and renewable. It is also tactile and healthy to work with due to the natural lanolin oil in the wool. While it would be cheaper to use synthetic stuffing, I use natural sheep's wool from Rosewood farm in Yorkshire where the sheep “live entirely on our synthetic fertiliser and pesticide free pastures, lamb naturally without human intervention and require no routine medication or synthetic pesticides, meaning a residue-free fleece and an entirely sustainable and natural end-product” All good to know if your child is cuddling their doll to sleep at night.



Rated 5 out of 5
19 February 2023

The cutest dolls ever!


Can’t wait to go back!

Rated 5 out of 5
14 February 2023

We had a wonderful Saturday with Mopsa creating the first part of our dolls. Can’t wait to go back for our second session and finish them off. Mopsa ran a special workshop for the two of us, and was so patient and hospitable. A truly relaxing, mindful and creative experience.


Definitely recommend

Rated 5 out of 5
30 January 2023

Really lovely workshop, my children love their dolls, they will be in our lives forever. & I really enjoyed making them. Mopsa is a great teacher! Thank you Mopsa 🙂


One-on-one Workshop

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27 January 2023

I had the most wonderful time working with Mopsa, who graciously took me on for a one-on-one workshop so I could make a doll for my goddaughter’s first birthday. It was such a fulfilling and enjoyable process. Mopsa’s expertise and care for these dolls is undeniable, and she is a patient and generous teacher. I felt empowered to tackle something I’d never done before and was so pleased with the finished doll I made – most of it on my own!

I couldn’t recommend Dalston Dolls highly enough. Whether you’re making your own, or buying one Mopsa has made, each doll is unique, made with all natural materials and a lot of love.


Wonderful experience

Rated 5 out of 5
26 January 2023

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed making her doll with Mopsa and has been able to make more since by herself. Mospa is so patient and gentle. Highly recommend.

Louise Woodford

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