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2, Herriot Court, Leyburn, England, DL8 5QA

eatTELFIT online farm shop was born from a determination to create meaningful change in our food system, beginning to end. From supporting ethical, small scale farming through to promoting the finest producers of sustainable artisan food. We farm in the unique, majestic Yorkshire Dales renowned for producing spectacular grass fed beef and lamb. Slow grown on rough diverse pastures and moorland edge; time builds flavour and goodness into our food.

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Lamb, Turkey, Beef, Pork and larder goods from the UK


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More about eatTELFIT

Story and ethos

Our Farm is a truly unique 650 acre, ecologically run, biodiverse hill farm and magnificently renovated Farmhouse within the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Telfit is run in a manner designed to be harmonious with the natural environment and sympathetic to the wonderful landscape surrounding us. We intend to act as an ambassador and figurehead for the regenerative agricultural movement. ​Set within a picturesque and secluded glacial bowl it is a haven unlike any other, both for our livestock and guests at the farm. Specialising in the finest slow grown, rare breeds with a focus on honest ethical produce; Telfit is truly one of the most remarkable examples of a hill farm in this country.

With some good reasons, meat is without doubt the most vilified of all human foods. There is no doubt that modern methods of meat production have done staggering amounts of damage our planet and ourselves. Ruminant animals are not designed to eat large amounts of grain. This undigested, high energy high protein diet damages their delicate gut systems and stresses the animal. It makes them put on an unhealthy fat that is bad for them and bad for those who eat it. Slow reared livestock on diverse pasture develop entirely differently with high levels of healthy omegas and minerals. Better for them, better for us. Additionally, in repairing the land through rotating ruminant animals on deep rooted healthy pastures we can absorb vast amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. 99% of all carbon is locked in the ground where it should stay. By increasing our soil organic carbon we can slow down and potentially even reverse climate change.

We are proud at eatTelfit of the quality and sustainability of our packaging. All our food is delivered in 100% British wool lined cardboard boxes. Wool is now almost a waste product in farming and the value of it to the farmer has become almost nil. Through using it as insulation we can give a new lease of life to wool. In aiming to be as environmentally conscientious as possible (in all we do at eatTelfit) we have refused to use damaging single use polystyrene and excessive plastic packaging. All our wool linings are reusable and also have alternative uses especially in the garden! The only exception to this is we send all our meat vacuum packed as this is critical to ensuring the shelf life and quality of the product when it reaches you. We wish there was an alternative to this but respect for the product and abolishing food waste come first for us.

Currently we are engaging in a number of schemes and projects, designed for the conservation and re-establishment of these species and we intend to do much, much more.


Welcome Ben!

Rated 5 out of 5
29 November 2023

A very warm welcome to Ben with his new initiative to connect local farms and customers. Using freezing to preserve freshness, eatTELFIT supports local, sustainable and regenerative farming practices in the UK.


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