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It doest make any sense to deliver plastic free products wrapped in plastic packaging. We’re so proud of our eco-friendly packaging that we use it for our own orders. It allows us to fully test products before we launch, and also keep a close eye on quality. Using our packaging in a real life warehouse environment helps constantly upgrade designs to help maximise efficiency.


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More about eco-craft

Story and ethos

Eco-craft Ltd is a family business, originally called The Cutting Edge, it was founded by Lorraine and Kevin McCarthy, 31 years ago in Summer 1991. We decided at an very early stage to use recycled paper and card in our products and after having 8 years experience designing and manufacturing our own greetings cards and gifts, we found that more and more craftspeople were asking us to produce blanks for them. We decided therefore, that we should provide an off the shelf range of recycled card blanks available by Mailorder. We currently have the fourth generation in the family associated with the paper industry, previous members having been involved with the manufacturing process.

Due to our personal concern for the environment, we have made it our company policy to, wherever possible, offer products that aim to keep their ecological and ethical impact on the planet in mind, from production to disposal. So we source our raw materials and finished products from reputable green suppliers with a similar ecological and ethical stand point and take great care to research the credentials of the materials that we supply and use. Most of the paper and card we supply is 100% recycled and the majority contain a large proportion of post consumer waste (ie. old brochures, print outs, etc.). The proof of this can be seen in the occasional tiny fleck or speckle which can sometimes be found in the card we stock. Choosing recycled products is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth's natural resources and reduce the amount of waste which would otherwise go to landfill.

Naturally we try to ensure we have as low a carbon footprint as possible. We source the majority of our products from UK suppliers who source their raw materials mainly from the UK or EU. No materials are imported from outside the EU and we do our best to avoid having materials shipped by air. Some of our deliveries are handled through a carbon neutral supplier DPD Local. We also purchase all our energy from 100% renewable, non nuclear energy supplier Good Energy. As an ethical supplier we believe that the treatment of our employees & suppliers is as important as our environmental responsibility.Eco-craft ltd is committed to create a working environment where everyone is treated fairly. Where all staff are free from harassment or discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality etc. We strive to achieve this by actively encouraging a policy of well being, honesty, tolerance, friendship, kindness and along with bit of laughter. As part of our social remit we are happy to to confirm that we do not have have any pay differences based on gender and pay all our employees over living wage (and had done long before it became compulsory).

As a UK manufacturer our material and service suppliers are seen as long term partners, essential to the continued growth of the environmental and sustainable products we supply. As such we operate a fair price and prompt payment policy to maintain a healthy and viable supply chain.


friendly people

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1 June 2023

friendly and expert advice. Lovely company


Perfect partner for sustainable brands

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22 May 2023

Welcome to eco-craft, the perfect partner to brands that are part of the UK’s sustainable business network!


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