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Perranporth, England, TR6 0EB

Beautiful House Signage that doesn’t cost the Earth. Imagine the beauty and elegance of slate, without having to dig up our precious planet to get it. Circular&Co. eco-friendly house signs are made from 100% recycled plastic, with the finished product having the timeless appearance of a slate house sign. A classic dark grey colour base material, which is extremely hard-wearing, so much so we offer a lifetime guarantee.

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Story and ethos

We carefully engrave your sign using top of the range machinery at our production facility in Perranporth, Cornwall. Each sign is then carefully finished by hand, ensuring every sign is crafted to perfection. We are a small dedicated team of craftsmen, who are absolutely committed to delivering consistent levels of excellence and quality throughout our house sign range. Our sustainable personalised House Signs and plaques can make your cosy abode stand out on the street, or bring some clean, crisp signage to your outer walls. Available with multiple finishes and fonts, we can create a personalised sign that reflects your home’s character and style.

Our standard range has a collection of signs including house numbers, names, addresses and a combination of all, across single, double and triple line layouts. Dispatched within 10 working days, our UK made Eco House Signs are the perfect solution with a quick turnaround to deliver sleek, modern signage faster. Find a sign that matches your aesthetic and get started today.

Our house signs are not only made from 100% recycled material but are also fully recyclable at the end of their useable life, making them truly circular in their environmental credentials. No virgin material is used in the manufacturing process and all waste materials are sourced within the UK. We strive for a waste free workshop and return all of our offcuts and waste sign material to our material supplier. They then reprocess it into fresh material. We strongly believe in the power of the circular economy and work towards circularity daily.

Made primarily from used plant pots and other mechanically recyclable packaging and consumer products, like yoghurt pots, our signs are an ideal way of helping to reduce our reliance on raw materials; environmental impact and in keeping plastic out of landfills and waterways. We offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on all our house sign products, and we are confident you will be enjoying your sign for years to come.


Love the slate look

Rated 5 out of 5
13 November 2023

Can’t get over how recycled material looks like a slate. Really fun way to name our home!


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