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Natural Jute & Rubber Yoga Mats made in UK

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Saint Stephen Place, Scotland, EH3 5AJ

Ecoyoga have been manufacturing in the UK since 2003. The brand started in response to the demand for a mindful, natural yoga mat made from natural materials. These jute mats are perfect for your yoga practice, being soft, thick and with amazing grip. Gently and sincerely known across the global yoga community

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Jute yoga mats made in the UK

Story and ethos

ecoYoga was founded in Scotland in 2003. Yoga mats have become the major accessory to ones practice and with the ever increasing trend it means millions of mats are out there being bought and disposed. That's a lot of mats in landfill. The postures on your yoga mat are the beginning of a journey to protect and promote the health and well-being of your body, mind and spirit. If this inner awareness is awakened one hopes it finds reflection in the external world. Practicing on a plastic mat made as cheaply as possible for maximum profit we view an antithesis of yoga. It is a simple gesture to practice on a mat created with a little more integrity from renewable resources; not least with yoga in mind. We thought it would be lovely to be able to practice on something a bit closer to nature, something aesthetically considered, yet still providing that grip that everyone desires.

Made with 100% natural rubber and natural jute fibre (hessian) the ecoYoga mats were the first of their kind. The compound used is environmentally neutral. As far as possible we aim to reduce packaging and to use recycled or sustainable materials in all our products. Composting trials are constant.

The mats themselves are made in the UK. Jute is a sustainable plant that is grown in regions of India and Bangladesh in a 4 month period just prior to the rainy season. It is fast growing and uses land that would otherwise be dormant at that time. It is extra revenue for farmers therefore.

Fair Trade standards within the jute or rubber industry are slowly emerging though are currently very limited. Our Scottish jute supplier has long family business relationships in India and Bangladesh and works only with government factories (all ISO-9001 certified) where standards can be monitored. They already have their own standards in practice.


The best yoga mat ever

5.0 rating
4 February 2021

I have had my eco yoga mat for about five years and it’s in daily use. It’s got a wonderful feel and natural smell. This is nothing like the slippery plastic gym mats, it is an essential part of yoga practice. I love that it’s made in Scotland too.

Carolyn S.

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