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Ferndene Road, England, SE24 0AB

enbee architecture + design is passionate about combining aesthetic design with the most up to date practices in environmental architecture by reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort levels through the responsible application of low energy retrofit measures. This is tackled through a fabric first approach; insulating ground floors, external walls and roofs; reducing heat loss through windows, sealing up air gaps and controlling the ventilation; installing the latest energy efficient boiler and controls and finally the application of renewables e.g. solar panels, water heaters etc. All this combined with re-using and enhancing existing building materials where possible.​

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Trusted local expert and great architect

Rated 5 out of 5
8 March 2021

It’s really useful to see that an architect has retrofitted their own home and knows every aspect of a full retrofit, from paint and insulation to beautiful, functional design.

Mike T

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