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enbee architecture + design is passionate about combining aesthetic design with the most up to date practices in environmental architecture by reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort levels through the responsible application of low energy retrofit measures. This is tackled through a fabric first approach; insulating ground floors, external walls and roofs; reducing heat loss through windows, sealing up air gaps and controlling the ventilation; installing the latest energy efficient boiler and controls and finally the application of renewables e.g. solar panels, water heaters etc. All this combined with re-using and enhancing existing building materials where possible.​

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Story and ethos

enbee architecture + design was set up by Natalie Black in 2013 after gaining experience in a number of design led architectural offices such as AEM, Reading and West Architects and Allies and Morrison Architects as well as setting up enbee design in 2006: a furniture design company based in Jamaica using local materials and produced in Kingston, Jamaica.

We work closely with our clients through a 3 Stage design process that ends with the submission of the information to the local authority for any approvals that might be required. We can then follow this up with a further 3 stages that start with preparation of the design information for tender through to overseeing the build, up to completion of the project.

Our designs are based on a simple ethos of maintaining the Health of the Planet by using principles of low carbon design in the materials we choose and reducing the energy consumption of the building once complete. Health of the Building by using tried techniques that enhance the fabric of the building in ways that are sympathetic to the materials and physics of the original building. Health of the Body by selecting materials that improve the air quality and have low emissions and glazing that gives the quality of light that works best for the body.

We are working on a collaboration that will allow enbee to grow and become a market leader in the field of retrofitting and healthy homes. The UK needs to retrofit 26 Million domestic properties by 2050 to meet government targets for reaching Net Zero. We are passionate and excited to be among the practices leading the way in this field. We are naturally keen to persuade as many people as possible that they too can contribute to this critical target by retrofitting whenever considering a refurbishment.


Trusted local expert and great architect

5.0 rating
8 March 2021

It’s really useful to see that an architect has retrofitted their own home and knows every aspect of a full retrofit, from paint and insulation to beautiful, functional design.

Mike T

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