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Ethex helps everyday people make ethical investments that fund extraordinary organisations. We're all about making sustainable! From just £50 you can invest in organisations that are protecting the planet, empowering communities or creating fairer societies, whilst targeting competitive returns. So join our community of 20,000 positives investors who have invested more than £100 million to finance community owned renewable energy, the installation of sustainable transport infrastructure and electric car sharing, permanently affordable housing or ecologically sound farming and food production. The most powerful source of change is your money. Positive investing is fuel for change. It's putting your money into organisations across the UK and beyond that are working for a better future. Capital at risk and returns not guaranteed.

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Story and ethos

Established in 2013, we set out to provide pioneering businesses with the vital finance they need to scale and grow. To empower those working in renewable energy, organic farming, sustainable housing, fair trade and sustainable transport. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of ethical finance and positive investing. Ethically paving the way for extraordinary companies to deliver fantastic impact where it matters most. In protecting our people and our planet. Eight years later, thanks to our community of more than 20,000 positive investors, Ethex and Energise Africa (our sister platform) have raised over £100 million. That’s a serious amount of people-powered finance for incredible organisations that are making a difference across the UK and Africa.

Ethex has one mission to make money do good We’re a not-for-profit organisation which has spent the last 8 years creating a vibrant marketplace for positive investment, connecting people who want to use their money to protect people and planet with those organisations who are pioneering innovative ways of doing that.

We know that people want to take action against the threats to our planet and society. Against climate change, social inequality and the crises within our communities. So, we’ve made it our mission to make change happen. We see money as the most powerful force for social transformation. Our vision is a world where everyone can use their money to create a lasting positive impact that aligns with their values. Where we can collectively help pioneering and extraordinary businesses to deliver community-owned initiatives, renewable energy solutions, sustainable transport, ecologically sound farming practices and housing solutions.

Along with our sister platform Energise Africa we want to mainstream positive investing - enabling thousands more people to use their money to create a better future. We're on a mission to raise another £100 million for organisations doing good over the next 3+years,


Making sustainable investing easy

Rated 5 out of 5
4 February 2021

Blue Patch use 100% of our surplus income to invest in community renewables. We’ve used Ethex twice and find it so easy and efficient. We plan to use them in the future to help us support the Race to Zero.

Jane L

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