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5, Pioneer Road, England, SN7 7BU 01367242731

We are exterior furniture designers and makers. Our furniture is made by us in Oxfordshire and is based on a very simple ethos ‘simplicity of form and honesty of material’. Today, we draw on our pragmatic approach to produce products of consistent high quality and with rigorous attention to detail. Our public furniture is still hand-made by our experienced, UK based, design and manufacturing team, selecting the best materials for each product.

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Outdoor furniture for towns, city centres and homes

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Story and ethos

"Our hands - it's what we use, and it's where we excel." Factory Furniture was established in 1989 designing and making hand made custom interior pieces. Our first product, the Serpentine bench we launched with the help of the Crafts Council at the New York Furniture Fair and within a few years we were specialising in exterior furniture.

Today, we draw on our pragmatic approach coupled with our understanding of materials and processes to produce products of consistent high quality with rigorous attention to detail. Our public furniture is still hand-made in house by our experienced, design and manufacturing team, selecting only the best materials for each product. After 30 years of experience working closely with architects and place designers we possess the insight and experience into the demands of public spaces and the needs of the people who use them. The same ethos still applies as when we created our Serpentine Seat, we design and make street furniture to endure and enjoy

TIMBER PURCHASING POLICY All timber stocks currently bought for Factory Furniture products come from FSC® certified forests. They are covered by a valid Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate. We’ve been sourcing tropical hardwoods from FSC stocks for many of our products since 1998. In 2008 we made the decision, going forward, to source 100% of our timber that way. In 2003, Factory Furniture became an FSC certified supplier. Our FSC License Code is FSC-C005669. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified. This assures consumers that they come from forests managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. FSC certification ensures that the forest or origin has been independently inspected and evaluated. This evaluation is according to strict environmental, social and economic principles and criteria as agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Forest management can damage or benefit both the environment and society. This policy recognises and accepts our responsibility, as a consumer of forest products, to ensure that our impact on the world’s forests is either neutral or positive. For further information about the Forest Stewardship Council visit www.FSC-uk.org. Our FSC License Code is: FSC-C005669 and our FSC certificate number is: CU-COC-806405. Please click here to verify our, or any other, FSC License Code on the FSC Certificate Database. WASTE MANAGEMENT Factory Furniture recognises the importance of managing and minimising waste. This ethos begins with the ordering process – by ordering project specific sizes with a minimum of waste. This is then followed through to the workshop where we carefully select the most appropriate pieces of timber for each product. All solid wood waste produced by Factory Furniture is sold locally to provide carbon neutral solid fuel for domestic use. Particle or dust waste is collected and sent for recycling. Compostable materials are recycled at local green waste facilities. Factory furniture uses a minimum of plastic based packaging, preferring to use cardboard made from 100% post consumer waste. Metal waste is a precious resource, and therefore also recycled locally.


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