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114, Windmill Road, England, TW8 9NB 07933430394

Flyr is innovating a fresh approach to sustainable furniture. The London-based team have come up with a table, chair and desk made from reclaimed wood. This 'contemporary utility' furniture would be equally at home in a loft style apartment, school or pop-up work space. Robust, sustainable and making great use of recycled materials, Flyr is all set to bring eco-friendly furniture into everyday use - and it's made to last.

Our products/services

London-based furniture company making tables, chairs and desks

Story and ethos

FROM THE BEGINNING Studying Industrial Design together at Brunel University James Griffiths and Nick Hansen both shared a keen interest in designing and making. This combined with an awareness of the environmental crisis currently happening led to the founding of Flyr Collective with support from their parent company Flyr Ltd (specifically dedicated to environmental products).

A NEW APPROACH By combining a practical knowledge and enjoyment of making, with the support of local suppliers and manufactures around London and the UK. The products Flyr Collective offer, have a unique form and aesthetic but as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. We utilise reclaimed, recycled and recyclable materials in all of our products and packaging.

We have worked hard to reduce material usage in our designs and packaging. Our furniture collection not only uses minimal hardware, but also reclaimed and recyclable materials. Our designs also allow for easy repair and replacement of damaged parts, which increases the product lifespan. We aim to work with local suppliers and manufacturers in order to reduce our carbon impact during production.

Being a very young company we have big plans for the future, predominantly in expanding our product range with a number of new designs. We also have plans to offer new material alternatives for our existing range of products, diversifying our audience and working with a range of exciting clients. Engaging with other young designers to help them develop their designs into final products is also something we are keen to do.


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