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Genesis Biosciences have the unique capability to ferment bacteria strains and develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products on a solid foundation of eco-benign® technology. These environmentally-responsible products and solutions are leading the way in cleaning, WWT, feminine hygiene and marine applications around the world. Over 5 years of our Research & Development has led to Evogen Professional, an innovative, environmentally-responsible and performance-driven probiotic cleaning range, offering a safe alternative to traditional chemicals. Our products can be purchased in multipacks via our online shop or individually on Amazon. Alternatively, for bulk purchasing please contact us directly for competitive pricing.

Our products/services

Safe and natural application-specific microbial and antimicrobial products using eco-benign technology.

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Story and ethos

We combine the latest in silico genomic techniques and traditional microbiological methods to research and characterise the activity and safety of beneficial microbes and their secondary metabolites. Using this knowledge we selected optimal Bacillus consortia and combine with eco-benign® chemistries for specific WWT applications.

What is Bacillus? Bacillus are a genus of Gram-positive microorganisms found across the globe in a range of environments. They are metabolically diverse and with a few notable exceptions are nonpathogenic and safe to use. They are able to survive when conditions move outside of those needed for survival through the production of spores. Spore formation allows this type of bacteria to be grown in very high concentrations and blended into a stable product with a long shelf-life. This makes it ideal for industrial applications where often a large amount of Bacillus cells are needed to amend a system.

At Genesis we ferment all our own bacteria to the highest standards (ISO 9001) so we can guarantee that the Bacillus we deliver are correct in both species and concentration and are free from contaminants. We have taken time to design our products to ensure they have minimal impact upon the environment and end user, whilst at the same time offering an efficacious and prolonged impact.

At Genesis Biosciences, our wastewater treatment experts use their experience in working with environmental samples alongside molecular and applied microbiology techniques to tackle some of the biggest bioremediation issues facing various industries. Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial products available globally.


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