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Prestwich, England

Gareth 'Goldfinch' Brookes designs and makes wooden furniture in his workshop in Manchester. He works only with British timbers to create delightful pieces of fine furniture. He predominantly uses hand tools and he enjoys showing his clients the various techniques used to create their pieces. Wood as a material brings Gareth great joy, and he loves to pass on this feeling by working with the client to show them what can be achieved just using British timbers which lead to fabulous, unique pieces of furniture.

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handmade wooden furniture: cabinets, chairs, stools and accessories


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Story and ethos

Gareth Goldfinch Brookes was originally a window cleaner before making the massive career change to furniture maker. He has always had an eye for design, possibly thanks to his dad being an artist, but until 5 years ago he had never been able to realise his talents. One birthday his parnter bought him a router and it all snowballed from there. Starting out in his back yard on weekends, he eventually found a workshop space and so the business began. Gareth is never happier than standing beside his workbench, watching his creations slowly come to life.

"My work proccess begins away from the workbench, visiting galleries, reading books and looking around at various buildings and architecture. I try to be inspired by all that I see, enjoying the various shapes and textures I come across. If i'm making a piece with no particular client in mind, then I jump straight to the workbench, playing with different shapes and ideas until i'm really happy with my plan. This often involves a few sleepless nights as I run ideas around my head, or talk my partner to death about the minute details. If i'm working with a client then we always begin with a conversation, be it over the phone or in person and I like to ask lots of questions, really try to get to know them and what sort of design would not just suit their needs, but also surprise and excite them. Once we have a good idea of what we both are happy with, then I go away and produce some sketches or even a CAD computer drawing. This usually goes back and forth until the client gives the green light and I spend some time making them their unique piece of furniture.

I decided very early on that I would use only British timbers. I believe it's very important to use your local resources, and not to ship things in when you do not need to. I also believe that British tress deserve to be shouted about. We have a fantastic variety of trees, suitable for everything from a garage roof to a dolls house. I hope that through talking about these issues I can encourage people to think about our trees and to see the value in protecting them. I also want to encourage people to think about where their other products come from, who makes them, and are they being paid a fair wage to do so. Trees are the most fantastic material, I love that a tree can live its natural life, then be reused as a wonderful piece of furniture, and then eventually once again return to the soil, ready for the whole proccess to begin again.

I plan to continue to use just British timbers and encourage others to do so. I also hope to run classes as soon as possible, to teach people all the old techniques that I have had to mostly teach myself. We have a grand tradition of hand tools skills in this country and I sincerely hope to keep those skills alive and pass them on to others.


Refreshing approach

5.0 rating
22 June 2022

What a refreshing approach to celebrating British trees. It sounds like client and maker almost collaborate to come up with the desired design. We look forward to working with Goldfinch Brookes and, of course, discovering where the ‘Goldfinch’ came from!


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