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20, Dock Street, England, LS10 1JF

At Good Joe we believe that business can be socially conscious. We care about where and how things are made, about what our customers get for their hard earned cash, about working fairly with our suppliers, and about how we can help the less fortunate. And we try to keep it local for all sorts of reasons. From supporting British manufacturing and avoiding the types of labour exploitation associated with some offshore production, to giving back in the communities we work and live in. So for now, we make our clothes in the UK and give in the UK. When you buy a Good Joe, we'll donate a new item of clothing to someone in need. Don’t get us wrong, we know the complex issues that society faces can't be resolved by a T-shirt. We just trust that a bit more thought, a little less greed, and small gestures of kindness can lead to bigger acts of meaningful change. Really, it's just a starting point; the basis on which we operate knowing that in time we can do more. From our home here in Leeds we'll always do things with the best of intentions in the hope that when you buy our brand, you're not just getting a great piece of clothing, but you'll feel you're wearing and making a difference.

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