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Graphenstone; Creating 100% natural sustainable ‘harm-free’ mineral paints, fused with graphene, the strongest material on earth. Awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, our unique product range purifies the air, capturing CO2, with ultra-low VOC’s, offered in 1000 beautiful rich matt colours.

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Story and ethos

Founded 2012 in Seville Spain, by Antonio Leon, Graphenstone has developed into the most certified sustainable and 'harm-free' paints business in the world.

Sourcing sustainably, our Spain HQ runs on 100% renewable energy, minimising water usage and maximising local social responsibilities (part of the Cradle to Cradle Institute verification process) and taking care of all our valued employees, both in Spain, UK and around the world.

Awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold amongst many other prestigious certifications, it has quickly expanded into 45 countries around the globe, a leader of technically advanced, healthy and natural paints and coatings.

Constantly striving for further improvements, all our packaging is now 100% recycled and recyclable, our products now contain less than 0.01% VOC's, as ultra-low as it's possible to be. We have 18 of the most valued certifications in the world for our products, EPD's, Ecolabel, Green Tag, etc, further evidence that sustainability and ecology is at the heart of our business.


Graphenstone is a true pioneer in allergy safe paints,

5.0 rating
31 March 2021

I’m one of many MIT allergy sufferers, it’s a nasty allergy which affects the skin and airways – flare ups can really impact health and day to day life.

One area this allergy makes incredibly tricky is decorating, as every high street brand uses MIT as a preservative – even the ‘eco’ brands who claim to be allergy friendly.

Graphenstone is the only company I have found who are pioneering to remove MI from their ingredients, whilst offering a product that is also an extremely high quality – I’ve found the pigmentation and coverage to be far superior to other premium paint brands (both mainstream and eco).

Finally, the service. John Thorogood in their sales team offers a true old school personal service, and is happy to help talk through any questions and concerns. For any allergy sufferers looking to decorate, I highly recommend contacting John to discuss and reassure on how Graphenstone’s products are formulated and which are suitable for your needs.

This article is actually what helped pinpoint my allergies a few years back:

Hilary Lovell

So surprised at how good this paint is!

5.0 rating
31 March 2021

What a breath of fresh air this paint is…..literally! My wife and I had been looking for a healthier paint option for some time as we are both pretty sensitive to the long lingering smell you get from normal paints. We also have a Young boy so this was also a factor. We looked into this and found all sorts of surprising info about VOCs(volatile organic compounds) and other toxicity in most paints, and thee negative health effects on us. People should read up on this, it’ll make them think more about what paint they buy. So after some research, we came across Graphenstone. The brand seems centered around healthy paints for people and planet, and what really impressed us was the numerous awards and certificates they have to back up what they say about their paints. No Green-washing here! We decided to give Graphenstone a try, convincing ourselves that its probably not going to be as good as the normal paints but the far healthier nature of this paint made it a worthy compromise. We couldn’t have been more wrong, the paint was brilliant! Covered so well, really easy to use (you just have thin with a bit of water) and when it dried looked great. There was almost no smell at all, and what was there disappeared within minutes, and neither of us struggled as we would normally with the smell. Its also really hard wearing and will take a good wash down, very important with our Young one and also means we wont have to repaint for much longer. I can’t recommend Graphenstone enough, its great paint and seems perfect for those looking to use something more sustainable and healthier for themselves. The service was great too, really helpful staff and very fast delivery.

John Clark

Graphenstone’s unrivalled sustainable credentials with end results and exceed all expectations

5.0 rating
13 March 2021

“We used Graphenstone’s stunning paints on a period property in Winchester and were simply delighted with the results. Compared to other well known mineral paints brands that we’ve used in the past, these paints were wonderfully easy to work with, the yield and opacity was remarkable and the depth and richness of colour literally unbeatable. We chose their paints because of Graphenstone’s unrivalled sustainable credentials (ultra low VOC’s, no plastics or MIT etc) yet the end results exceeded our expectations. We’ll be back for more! Bravo Graphenstone.”

Ann Beatty

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