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Dartington, England, TQ9 6EB

GroCycle is an innovative social enterprise based in Devon, United Kingdom. We have been growing mushrooms since 2009. During that time we’ve focussed on finding the easiest low-tech ways to cultivate mushrooms. Mushroom growing is often seen as a complex process, but in our experience anyone can learn to do it pretty easily if they choose the right methods. We offer mushroom growing kits for anyone who wants mushrooms grown at home in the very simplest way. There are great free articles on our site teaching subjects like how to grow Oyster mushrooms and how to set up a Low Tech mushroom farm.

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GroCycle mushroom growing kits, one day mushroom growing courses, Oyster mushroom spawn


Great product and support service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
18 February 2021

Lovely product which made a great present for a friend. When the package got lost, the support team helped and were very helpful. Super happy!


Tasty and fascinating

Rated 5.0 out of 5
13 October 2020

This kit provided great family entertainment that we could eat!


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