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Photographic artist

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Manchester, England 07939260273

Helena Lee Studios uses photography to highlight the beauty of everyday life. Using Eco-friendly materials, photos are printed on stationery and gift bags. Eco-friendly stationery, prints and gift bags based on photos from everyday life.

Our products/services

Photographic prints, cards, gift tags, bags and badges

Story and ethos

I am a Swedish photographic artist who has been living in the UK since 1994. I came to the UK to study art and brought my Swedish influences and visual language with me.

In my artwork, I always aim to strip things back, removing unnecessary visual information to focus on the essence of an idea or an image. I am also interested in highlighting the beauty that I find in everyday experiences, be that a city walk or an emerging flower growing in our garden.

Nature always fascinates and fills me with wonder. My work is a way to share my love of nature and by making my products eco-friendly I hope to spread the message that working sustainably is possible and easy to do!

If you like the sound of what I do and have any ideas of how we could work together, please get in touch and drop me a message


Surprising and lovely

5.0 rating
8 October 2021

Working with Helena at the Whitworth was a treat, she’s passionate about biodiversity and provenance. Her photography merges into painting and her eye for colour and form impeccable.

Claire L

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