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Grove Park, England, SE5 8LS 7973772543

Alice and Anna take photographs of people, products, artwork and places. We offer good quality images which help businesses to represent themselves in this web-based world. We are inspired by the everyday, making both the ordinary and extraordinary stand out. We love to represent people and their contexts through photography. We either work from our studio or we find locations or shoot people or objects in their own environment. We aim to get the images to the client within 24 hours.

Our products/services

photography of the workplace, business, portrait, documentary and products

Story and ethos

Alice and Anna have published two books : The Peckham Connection and the East Dulwich Connection. They feature portraits of local people at work. With each person sending the photographers on to their next subject, within a certain distance, the project grew organically. The 'Connections' capture a period of time in a community and the relationships between people.

During lcovid-19 Alice and Anna made a series of photos 'Grove Park in Lockdown', again capturing a very particular time through portraits of local people in Camberwell.


Wonderful photographs and community minded too

5.0 rating
20 January 2021

Alice and Anna are amazing. We have used them to photograph our projects, including the Sustainable Business Awards for the last three years. We are delighted with the results, it’s fabulous to have our events captured by professionals and important for us to document projects over time. They are so organised and professional, putting everyone at ease, their photos are so alive. We really look forward to the next gathering and having In The Right Light capture the spirit of the occasion!


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