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38, Beckwith Road, London, England, SE24 9LG

My mission is to entertain viewers with colourful paintings. These simple works refer to play, an activity we rarely revisit once we leave childhood behind to take on adult responsibilities. Painting is no longer a profession but a very personal space for recreation and fun. Far from nostalgia, playful painting is a necessity, tuning up our capacity for joy and letting go of the multi-tasking world of adults - the realm of fantasy is not unlike packing your bags and heading for the seaside to unravel and daydream in the sun. The subjects for these works are from the recycling bin; loo rolls, soap packets, buttons, scrunched up paper. With a nod towards the innocence of play, familiar items with ubiquitous forms and no branding may become towns, pollinating plants and swirling planets. For me the rediscovery of art as play is a pleasure without limit.

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Story and ethos

I was a painter, curator and teacher for 27 years. I found myself very time poor once I started my companies. I tried to do both but found my creative brain was engaged in running the business and the art world faded away. I used to paint every day, it was part of the fabric of my life and stopping was very hard. None-the-less stopping became a watershed and over a period of six years I was able to reform my relationship to painting. Happily I now experience the freedom of my studio practice without having to be a professional.

I am essentially a still life painter. I work sporadically, often leaving a painting for months if not years before I make the next mark. The work comes in and out of my store cupboard and I get a real buzz from rediscovering a work and knowing exactly how I want to continue with it.

I have a supply of unfinished and failed work, so I simply carry on with these pieces. I recover old paintings with fresh canvas. I do use solvent, but in small amounts. I recycle the solvent in my studio so the old paint settles to the bottom. I continue to use this same solvent. My studio is powered on 100% green energy. It's in the attic of my house and I am embarking on a retrofit which includes upgrading the insulation in the attic above my studio. My heating is currently gas, however the retrofit will incorporate solar and ASHP. In this way my workspace will have a very small carbon footprint. I will then measue my carbon emissions for scope 1 and 2 and add the results here.

In the future I will continue to explore new sustainable art materials and make connections with innovators in the space. I would also love to welcome more artists to be part of Blue Patch and connect art, design and communities.


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