Jim Washburn


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38, Beckwith Road, London, England, SE24 9LG

I photograph plants, landscapes and urban spaces. My influences include Poussin and other painters, medieval spatial structures and the Buddhist philosophical tradition. I use traditional film cameras and a range of film stocks. All my work is processed and hand printed at Photofusion Photography Centre in Brixton, South London.

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Story and ethos

After studying art history with a focus on medieval enamel, I became a financial journalist. Over the years my photography has retained a reference to the pictorial structures of Poussin and the peculiar spatial constructs found in ornamental and devotional objects.

I use film cameras and develop and print my work at Photofusion in Brixton.

I visit most of my subjects on foot, primarily local parks and gardens. I travel by bus to my darkroom. I recycle all my darkroom chemicals at my local recycling centre. I use a local company to frame my work. I am currently insulating my studio to reduce energy use.

I plan to travel to new landscapes. I am considering making a publication to bring a collection of photos together within a theme.



Rated 5 out of 5
7 February 2023

I’m so glad these photos are being shared and can now be seen by more people. Jim is a fantastic photographer with a sensitive eye for composition and highly skilled approach to technique. Film photography is an art in itself.


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