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Lunette is revolutionising the future of period care with their small but mighty menstrual cup. Lunette is a Finnish, women-lead company with a mission and one of the original menstrual cup creators. Lunette Menstrual Cups are made of soft medical grade silicone and are bpa free and vegan. In addition to being easy to use and giving you up to 12 hours worry-free use, everything Lunette does is sustainable, ethical and taboo-busting. All Lunette products are designed with the environment in mind - they are plastic free, compostable and generally better for the planet, your body and also your wallet.

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Story and ethos

So, how did Lunette start? Heli Kurjanen had a vision about the future of period care. Tired of bleeding into tampons and pads, she decided to buy a menstrual cup online, only to find that these things also didn’t work for her. However, the freedom and flexibility of a menstrual cup sparked a light in her brain. Why not make my own menstrual cup, one that actually works for me? With laser vision and improved design rooted in safety, ease, and comfort (and compatible for menstruating people of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage), Heli led the charge to create the world’s top menstrual cup – Lunette. Heli’s home country, Finland, took Lunette by storm. Sales were strong, which helped Lunette go international. Team Lunette believes in bringing education, opportunities, and intelligent period care solutions for every menstruating person on the planet – because no one deserves to stop their normal day-to-day life just because they don’t have access to safe and comfortable menstrual care. Lunette is all about liberation. We’re advocates of individuality without selfishness, communality without community and of course equality for all. You don’t need anyone to “empower” you, because you already have the power within to liberate yourself from external expectations, limitations and period care products that are bad for your body and the environment.

There has never been a better time to have a period. Well, not necessarily today, but generationally. As we rise above gender questions and long-standing taboos, Lunette is proud to be part of the changing conversation. Can a woman do anything a man can do? HECK YES. Does a person have to be a woman to have a period? Obviously not. Are periods dirty? COME ON. What year is it anyway? Our mission has always been to change attitudes about periods. Nobody should be ashamed of them; nobody should miss a chance because of them. This is our period

Our Values Leadership We lead by example, practicing period positivity and shame-free bleeding. Inclusivity No matter how you identify, you're welcome here with open arms. Sustainability We are committed to leaving the earth better than we found it. Optimism We believe Lunette is the future of period care. Accessibility Everyone with a uterus deserves easy access to period care products. Education By educating people about menstruation, we are activating the power within.


No more waste

5.0 rating
24 January 2021

I’m really pleased to have made the switch. Took some getting used to, but it’s now second nature – and kind to nature too. I like the colours !


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