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Hello, we are the Lyons family and we grow herbs and use them to create our award winning range of hand-made, natural skincare at our farm in Somerset. Lyonsleaf is fast becoming the go-to-brand for those with sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, rosacea and acne, as well as those who simply want to eliminate artificial chemicals from their skincare routine. Click the shop button to shop by skin issue. Our products really are 100% natural - you can read a full list of the ingredients we use, and see full ingredients for each product. We are an ethical business striving to reduce plastic use, waste and carbon emissions. Our products are cruelty free.

Our products/services

Hand-made natural skincare for sensitive and chronic skin conditions

Story and ethos

We are Ben and Vicky Lyons. We're the founders of Lyonsleaf. The business is run entirely from our small farm, set in the idyllic Mendip Hills in Somerset, England. Lyonsleaf began by selling the vegetables and herb plants we grew on our farm to local restaurants and at small markets. We had always been interested in using our amazing herbs to create natural skincare products. We thought people might be interested in them too, so we began to sell small numbers at local markets. Whilst we were developing our ideas we had an experience that steered us and gave us confidence in our blossoming ethos. Vicky has sensitive skin and has experienced eczema. After an serious adverse reaction to a prescription steroid cream, she began using our homemade calendula moisturiser to soothe and hydrate her swollen eyes, and it didn’t sting on contact with her skin (unlike the steroid cream), they slowly returned to normal. These experiences and the research we did in response convinced us that 100% natural (not pretend natural, really natural) was the way forward, we soon found out that the only way to be 100% natural is to also be water-free.

Our mission is to provide 100% natural, safe, effective, cruelty free skincare, suitable for the whole family and all skin types (even very sensitive skin), at a price affordable to ordinary people, with the least environmental impact as possible. These infused oils are then blended with other pure plant oils (mostly organic), organic beeswax and mineral ingredients (and nothing else) to hand-make small batches of what have been described as ‘little pots of wonder’. Read a complete list of the ingredients we use on our website. We use a high percentage of tropical oils in our products which have evolved to be sun-stable by way of a myriad of antioxidants. These oils will not oxidise on the skin and will neutralise free radicals.Our products are not certified organic, but they are 100% natural. We do use a very high percentage of organic ingredients.

Lyonsleaf is proud to be a Conservation Circle partner of Rainforest Trust, one of the most effective conservation charities in the world. Rainforests safely store billions of tonnes of carbon, helping to mitigate climate change and stabilise global weather patterns. We also donate £3 for every review of our products to the British Red Cross. We have donated a total of £1,004 (running total) and you can read about the charities we support on our website.

We're on a journey to establish ourselves as the go-to brand for sensitive skin and to bring safe and effective skincare to the masses at an affordable price with a low environmental impact.


Exceptionally good

5.0 rating
25 February 2021

Love the calendula cream, it’s soothing on the skin and healing. We’d never be without it!


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