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I create books for artists and writers - sketchbooks, notebooks and journals. Each hardcover book is hand stitched and bound with either my own hand printed papers, fabric or recycled kimono remnants. My books are constructed from sustainable materials, individually chosen for their intended purpose and finished Made to delight the user and to last until every page is full.

Our products/services

Handcrafted books, papers and bookbinding day courses.


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Story and ethos

Each book starts as just paper, card and a large pot of glue, covered with hand drawn repeating patterns inspired by the landscape or geometric shapes; each one is all my own work. My designs are developed into multi layer stencils and hand printed using silkscreen techniques in a wide variety of colour ways. I enjoy experimenting with different combinations of coloured and translucent inks in layers, creating just short editions of each paper design.

My individually constructed books, anything from a small pocket notebook or sketchbook to a large photo album, use a variety of techniques. Coptic binding and decorative open spine techniques, casebindings as well as concertina and stab stitch are all employed for different purposes. The purpose of the book, its weight, colour and type of paper used for the pages dictate the size and type of cover required. Paper is prepared and folded to size suitable for different purposes: for watercolour painting, drawing or sketching while visitors books and journals are printed with lines and divisions.The pages are stitched together using tapes or decorative stitching before rigid cover boards are attached. The covers are either cotton fabrics, recycled Japanese Kimonos or my own hand printed papers. Each paper design starts as a sketchbook drawing before is transferred to a silkscreen for printing. Some patterns require three separate layers of colour to complete the design. Each book is finished with headbands, endpapers and ribbon place-markers as required. I make a selection of sizes of books from tiny books which sit in the palm of the hand, to much larger sizes suitable for sketchbooks and photograph albums. Books can be supplied with their own matching slipcase or presentation box.

I use sustainable sources for my papers cutting each sheet as economically as possible. Offcuts are used for smaller books and smaller books down to 5x5cm- the compost heap gets the rest! My papers use water based printing inks and are handprinted in my own tiny studio. I delight in finding materials that I can use in charity shops such as embroidery threads and fabrics. I recycle cardboard boxes for postal packaging and avoid single use plastic where possible.

I am hoping to develop my use of fabrics within my books such as using offcuts from local small businesses and makers and other repurposed fabrics.



5.0 rating
31 May 2022

It’s great to welcome Nant Designs to the Blue Patch collective. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring your collection. These books are charming and personal gifts


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