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Next generation 'Net Zero' heating solutions for housing and buildings. An organisation committed to a social and sustainable impact mandate, a green economy investment. UK designed, Far Infra Red graphene electric wallpaper, seamlessly integrated into any buildings, providing tenants and householders absolute granular control over when and how long to heat their homes. Linked with PV Solar and Smart Batteries we will directly attack fuel poverty while using the technology to mitigate damp and mould. Octupus Energy said "It’s not often that you come across a truly game changing piece of tech (think a ‘horse and cart to car’ style development)"

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Story and ethos

NexGen is a new, unique radiant heating technology that provides extremely efficient low cost, high-energy, warming a room using radiant Far Infrared rather than conventional gas radiators or electric heaters.

Mother Nature's wonders never cease to amaze: the sun's rays travel several million kilometres through cold space to keep us warm on the Earth. These electromagnetic waves, which include infrared light as well, cause molecules within the Earth's surface to vibrate, freeing up energy which keeps us warm and comfortable. Infrared waves have a highly positive effect on human health, which is all the more reason to have them installed in your building, rather than traditional heating systems that cause dust and allergen build up.

Instead of using a traditional heating system that keeps the air warm through one source, NexGen infrared heating film keeps your ceilings, floor, masonry and furnishing warm from inside, offering greater, more consistent warmth. Masonry, walls, and ceilings make for a much better medium when it comes to retaining the warmth, as opposed to air. This way, you can enjoy the warmth that lingers around a lot longer and feels uniform between different parts of your living space. Since there is no air being circulated through a single source, all your masonry, walls, ceilings, etc. stay dry so a very small chance of mould or mildew residing in your living space. Invest in the future save energy costs, enjoy better warmth that is more uniform and consistent, but more importantly, does away with dust that is kicked around by traditional heating.


UK innovation

Rated 5 out of 5
27 March 2023

We’re pleased to present this highly innovative sustainable heating product from NexGen on Blue Patch.


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