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Join Octopus Energy, an award-winning renewable energy supplier fighting to make energy better for you and the environment. Octopus Energy has been awarded Which? Recommended Energy Provider for the past four years (the only energy supplier in the UK to have done so). They're also uSwitch's Supplier of the Year for 2020, and have an excellent 4.8/5 rating on TrustPilot based on over 25,000 reviews. They're building a greener world, supplying 100% renewable electricity (and carbon offsetting your gas for a few pounds extra per month if you want, too). Try Octopus risk-free with no tie-ins or exit fees, visit octopus.energy.

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Story and ethos

The energy industry in Britain is ruled by a handful of complacent dinosaurs peddling fossil fuels, pricing trickery and poor customer service. In 2016, Octopus entered the market to disrupt the status quo with energy that's good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul.

Since then, we've been picking up 30,000 customers a month on average, and now supply energy to 1.5 million UK homes (and counting). To this day, 92% of our customers rate us as 5* Excellent on TrustPilot; and we’re the only supplier to be recommended by consumer champion, Which? year after year after year..

Renewable energy as standard We want to make the eco‐friendly choice the easy choice, so all of our tariffs use 100% green electricity — and they're no more expensive than our competitors' non‐green tariffs. You can also carbon offset the gas you use if you want to minimise your environmental impact even further. And we make sure today's renewables infrastructure keeps on turning, generating clean, green energy to power Great Britain. We're backed by Octopus Investments, the UK's largest investor in solar power, responsible for nearly 40% of the nation's large scale solar generation

Energy fit for the future While we look after your energy supply today, we're also building technology that will define the industry's future, from the big ideas to the small. In 2017, we launched Octopus Tracker, a UK‐first tariff championing price transparency like never before, offering fair daily rates based on the wholesale price of energy. Then, in 2018, we became the only supplier to really harness the potential of smart meter technology with Agile Octopus, a time of use tariff with half‐hourly rates allowing customers to adjust their consumption to times when the wholesale price of energy is cheapest. Next came Octopus Go, a tariff designed just for EV drivers, with a super cheap night rate so these early adopters of the future of green transport can always wake up fully charged. And it's not just about your home energy: Octopus Electric Vehicles is helping GB drivers switch to greener cars, providing everything from the car itself to smart charging options. We're getting our world ready for this electric revolution with Powerloop, an EV leasing bundle introducing vehicle‐to‐grid charging to GB homes. Drivers use their cars to power their homes during times of peak energy demand to relieve pressure on the grid.


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