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Pip and Henry: Helping Children Take Their First Steps Into The World More Mindfully. Every year British families buy 80 million pairs of shoes for their children, with 85% of these ending up in landfill. Pip and Henry seeks to disrupt this cycle – we create beautiful, vibrant shoes for children, that raise the bar on environmentally friendly components – including recycled material and plant-based fibres. We incentivise parents to recycle shoes effectively with us and also invest in content that helps children become more mindful about the environment.

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Story and ethos

HI, I’M JEROO DOODHMAL Founder of Pip & Henry When my daughter (who’s now 5) came into our lives, I was really amazed and shocked by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ that consequently entered our lives…and this really started to bother me. On the one hand I was showing her Blue Planet documentaries, wanting her to be more inspired by nature and animals and to treat our world kindly and thoughtfully. On the other, she was outgrowing clothing and footwear faster than I could have imagined and that I could effectively recycle.Further research showed me that… …kids typically outgrow shoes every 3-4 months in the early years of their lives, with an average child owning 15 pairs of shoes over the course of a year. That’s 80 million pairs of children’s shoes bought in the UK alone. Most of these end up in landfills, decomposing slowly and leaching harmful chemicals and toxins into the ground and water for 1000s of years. So, I believe the time is ripe for a change in the way this everyday product is made and disposed of, and that’s what set me on the path to build Pip & Henry.

Why does a pair of Pip & Henry shoes cost a little more than a conventional pair of children’s shoes? It’s a good question, and we know it’s one that’s on your mind, so here’s a bit more about our children’s shoes and why they cost a little more than conventional alternatives. It actually all starts with more questions. How can we impact the environment as little as possible? How can we make sure people in our supply chain are paid fairly? How can we let our customers know that they’re contributing to a better way of making children’s shoes without just stating higher prices than other brands? It actually costs us 3-4 times more than traditional high-street brands to produce a pair of children’s shoes. There are multiple reasons for this, including the fact that 80% of each shoe (and all of our packaging) is made from eco-friendly materials. We spent a long time finding and testing these materials, making sure what we used would be kind to the planet, comfortable to wear and durable enough for children to tear around in, as they love to do. Scroll down to find out more about the specific materials and manufacturing principles we go by when developing our shoes.

PANELS IN SHOE UPPER; PINEAPPLE LEAF FIBRE We are using a strong and breathable textile made from the waste leaves of pineapple plants which are a by-product of existing pineapple harvest. As a raw material pineapple leaf fibre requires no additional environmental resources to produce and the sale supports the farmers who produce it. It is coloured using GOTS certified pigments and a resin top coating gives it strength, durability and water resistance. SHOE UPPER AND LINING; ORGANIC COTTON Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and from non-genetically modified seeds. Fewer chemical pesticides means that the health of the people producing the material is improved and the farm land has a longer lifespan after not being exposed to the chemicals used in traditional cotton production.

SHOE SOLE; RECYCLED THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER (RECYCLED TPR) Thermoplastic Rubber is lightweight, strong, weather resistant and slip resistant. It has the ability to easily be melted, recycled and reused thereby reducing the reliance on petrochemicals, reducing carbon emissions and waste from landfill. RECYCLABLE PAPER WITH 100% COMPOSTABLE MAILERS All our shoe boxes and inside stuffing of shoes are made using 100% recyclable material. Moreover, our shoe boxes are designed to be used as a children’s game…ensuring the box continues to deliver value and use long after they are received. And finally, unlike regular plastic mailers, all our mailers are 100% compostable (both at home and commercially) while still being waterproof and durable. WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE When finding a factory to work with, the first item on our checklist was high social standards. This means the people who are working on Pip & Henry footwear are paid fairly, have a good working environment and good living standards. This is something we are not willing to compromise on and we know you’ll agree.


What a fantastic business concept

5.0 rating
25 November 2021

Love the story, it’s true, being responsible for the planet is not enough, we must teach it too. Delightful, sustainable shoes.


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