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Buildable recyclable play sets for ages 4-99 yrs!

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Playpress Toys aims to make absorbing, fun and challenging toys with a very different design led approach. We have won awards for our licensed ranges and were finalists in gift of the year in 2020. We try to make our impact on the environment as low as possible; we use unique materials, that give strong and durable play but use no plastics or harmful ingredients. Our playsets are made in the UK with FSC certified materials. When you are finished with Playpress( if you can part with it!) you can safely recycle it , in the knowledge there will be nothing in it to harm the planet.

Our products/services

Children's plastic-free play kits of our own designs and of licensed products. We can also make bespoke sets.


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More about Playpress Toys Ltd

Story and ethos

As a child I loved playing with Playmobil and Lego. As I thought back to that time, I wondered if I could make a buildable toy with which you could create worlds and stories, but which was designed to be less harmful to the planet and more affordable. I spent many hours trying different shapes and materials, taking inspiration from wooden model kits. I decided to make the pieces interconnectable offering the same kind of play experience but at a much lower cost and made out of natural materials. I teamed up with my older brother Peter who, with his design talent and experience, helped develop the concept to where we could take it to market, and Playpress was born.

By bringing on board Mike, a good friend and a very talented artist and animator with a background in kids TV, we took the business to a whole new level. We spent many weekends marketing the product in Portobello market in London, where we sold our first sets and got feedback from parents and children. We continuously improved the product and expanded our range. In 2018 we went to our first trade show, the London Toy fair. When my dad, Melvin, became part of the team, his talent for business strategy and wealth of experience proved to be a real boost to Playpress. Playpress has been able to work with some amazing brands and charities and continues to grow its range and places where it is sold. While Mike has decided to follow other passions, he will always be part of the founding team.

After much research, we came across a specialty board which is totally recyclable and biodegradable, which we call ‘Playboard’. Trees are the biggest plants on the planet, we realise that they are vital to the wellbeing of our world. The board we use to make our sets comes from sustainably managed forests in Finland. We don’t want our toys to start out by having to travel 1000’s of miles after they are made. That’s why we make everything here in the UK. In 2021 Playpress Toys Ltd gained FSC accreditation (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC Group Number: C004309.

We are very excited about the future and really believe in what we do. My passion has always been in creating and making things and with Playpress we get to build an entire world! Matthew, Founding-maker of Playpress.


Creative and No Plastic!

Rated 5 out of 5
11 November 2020

We were so amazed to discover these kits, they are great fun gifts, really good value as well as educational.


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