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    The People’s Prize 2020

Revive Innovations is a sustainable design start-up that creates innovative materials and products by recycling waste in unique ways. By building systems that enable new, beautiful, cradle to cradle existences for waste streams, we can greatly reduce the impact of this waste on our environment. Our products are designed to both challenge consumer attitudes towards sustainability and design and raise awareness of the recycling infrastructures that we are implementing. Our current project is focussed on establishing an accessible recycling infrastructure and creating innovative solutions to repurpose optical discs. This includes CDs, DVDs, games and software discs. Our latest product being a modern bar stool, each one comprising of 120 repurposed CD's which would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

Our products/services

Sleek stools made from post-consumer waste CDs

Story and ethos

Revive Innovations was founded in Kierans final year at university studying product design. Whilst researching into consumer-waste materials, he recognised that vast quantities of CDs were becoming obsolete every month, and each one of these would take an estimate of over 1 million years to decompose in landfill. ​ Through experimental design, he developed a processing method that produces a unique composite made from 100% recycled material (no additives such as resins and epoxies). RE-CD is hard-wearing, easily manufacturable and resistant to impact and temperature. It is completely re-mouldable therefore having the potential to improve the recycling landscape, whilst creating beautiful circular products. The original character, nostalgia and history of the CDs, is encapsulated into the new material. Each piece has a unique, bespoke aesthetic, with variable bright colours. It has an intriguing visual depth as a result of the light refraction caused by the metal foil, shimmering throughout the material.

Our mission is to provide high quality, hand crafted, sustainable solutions, and reduce the effect that post consumer waste has on the environment. Our business is an independent and limited company which operates in a workshop in Cotham, Bristol. Headed up by Kieran the design team use the innovative processing methods to breakdown and shape the material, by hand or with industrial machinery. The company is currently going under development of a new marketing team and entering a growth stage.

RE-CD is our solution to the global issue of recycling CDs, DVDs, games and software discs. It is a unique, sustainable composite material consisting of 100% waste discs. Per m² of 40mm solid material, we repurpose 3000 discs, preventing them from spending over a million years degrading in landfill, or being incinerated. Our innovative reprocessing methods encompass circular design systems to ensure efficiency and enhanced sustainability. We aim to ensure the longest possible life cycle for RE-CD and re-use all manufacture off-cuts. We also offer an end of life return service for larger products!

Looking to the future we will be discovering new materials, developing new processes and creating more ambitious product offerings. Our vision is to challenge consumer attitudes towards sustainable design, paving the way for a more luxurious and desirable market. By remoulding 120 recycled CDs our latest product is the modern bar stool, which is likely to be popping up in bars and restaurants around Bristol in the not so distant future.


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