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England, BS6 6AB
  • Winner

    The People’s Prize 2020

Revive Innovations is a sustainable design start-up that creates innovative materials and products by recycling waste in unique ways. By building systems that enable new, beautiful, cradle to cradle existences for waste streams, we can greatly reduce the impact of this waste on our environment. Our products are designed to both challenge consumer attitudes towards sustainability and design and raise awareness of the recycling infrastructures that we are implementing. Our current project is focussed on establishing an accessible recycling infrastructure and creating innovative solutions to repurpose optical discs. This includes CDs, DVDs, games and software discs. Our latest product being a modern bar stool, each one comprising of 120 repurposed CD's which would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

Our products/services

Sleek stools made from post-consumer waste CDs


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