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U-Build is the simple modular construction system that empowers the user. As featured on Grand Designs ‘The Street’, U-Build is a simple and highly customisable modular construction system designed by award winning architects Studio Bark. Our adaptable system of building blocks allows you to define and create your own bespoke space, with guidance throughout from our friendly team of experts. There are no limitations to the size – you could build a whole house, an extension or something for the garden, such as an outdoor studio / office space for you to work in. Our components are produced by UK based fabricators, before being transported to your site for assembly. We use sustainably sourced timber, and low toxicity materials, to help create an enjoyable, planet friendly process for everyone involved - even during manufacture! The innovative design means that the components can be fitted together accurately like puzzle pieces to assemble a building frame, and easily dismantled, recycled or reused at the end of the building's life. You don’t need to be a DIY expert in order to use the system, and it only requires simple tools. U-Build is the result of a collaboration between a group of architects, engineers and manufacturers, with plenty of feedback from our customers. They tell us that we have the most customisable and aesthetically pleasing designs currently on the market, and we hope you agree too.

Our products/services

We create flat pack modular buildings

Story and ethos

U-Build was developed by award winning architects Studio Bark with structural engineering from Structure Workshop and testing from Cut and Construct. U-Build aims to transform the way people think about buildings and the way they are built, by simplifying the construction process and enabling anyone to participate.

“A talented and dedicated team of young, ambitious architects who had the rare ability to understand exactly what we wanted from a home… It was a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone wanting something distinctive and beautiful whilst allowing an appreciation for all your modern life demands.” Grand Designs Client (Box House)

What is U-Build Made from? U-Build takes a circular economy approach to building. The system uses a selection of durable non-toxic materials – choose cost effective OSB, robust Spruce, or refined Birch. The walls are insulated with natural sheep’s wool insulation, and can be clad in a variety of materials. See our gallery above for built examples.The butyl roofing material that we used for our typical flat roof projects are specifically designed to be suitable bases for green roofs, so yes you can install one. We don’t supply the green roof itself, so you would need to speak to a specialist to provide the drainage layer, growing medium and planting. We can provide you with the information you need for the specialist to be able to quote and help you manage the process.


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