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A brand new creative construction toy, made in Yorkshire in an eco-friendly sustainable way. u-nu is available in two forms; u-nu home, designed for all ages, and u-nu early years for primary schools and nurseries. u-nu has always sourced the most ecologically gentle materials, packaging and production methods so you can make unique sculptures. NOT PLASTIC - NOT EVER - NOT NEGOTIABLE

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Plastic-free, sustainable construction kits for all ages


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More about u-nu

Story and ethos

Yes, u-nu is eco-friendly, but we don’t like to shout about it. Too much. Not when there is so much more to talk about. u-nu has been designed to be a fun, flexible and fabulous resource for teachers and children alike. Hard-wearing u-nu is tough, easily cleaned and convenient to store, but more importantly it provides opportunities for open-ended play where children can develop skills across a wide array of curriculum areas.

We’ve made u-nu out of a non-toxic material. The material has been tested and it is compliant with EN-71 European standards for safety in toys.

Each u-nu piece is cut and hand finished in the UK by a reputable, well-respected company that also makes components for Cavendish Pianos. The material itself is made in Portugal from the waste created by FSC approved sawmills. They don’t bleach the material. The company only use ethically sourced organic dyes to provide the colour. It is packaged in recycled-recyclable or biodegradable packaging (no plastic bags or bubble wrap).


Wonderfully creative

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19 November 2021

We have u-nu at our nursery where is is played with every day by children aged 0-4 yrs old.
The beauty of this toy is that it is so easy to put together that even the smallest child can achieve their goal. It is also so open ended that it allows the children’s imagination to run riot – they make castles, space ships, animal parks and sea scapes (to name but a few) and are totally engaged in the creative process of their play.

Ruth Johnson

Playing as art form

5.0 rating
18 November 2021

A fabulous, sustainable and intelligent toy, for addictive creativity.


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